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Posted on: 02/04/2022

2 Reasons You Should Wear Merino Wool Socks Daily

Merino wool has tons of benefits that provide maximum comfort, function, and softness wrapped in one product.
2 Reasons You Should Wear Merino Wool Socks Daily

If you’ve been browsing Western Rise’s website, you’ve probably seen us advertising Merino wool in our products. You may think that Merino wool is no different than regular, itchy old wool, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a reason we think Merino wool is something that you should be wearing daily. 

Merino wool has tons of benefits that provide maximum comfort, function, and softness wrapped in one product. Merino wool feels just like cashmere, but it’s a super-thin, fine material thinner than human hair. It’s known as the caviar of wool for being extremely luxurious to the touch without being overwhelmingly warm or stuffy. 

This amazing wool also pushes moisture to the surface instead of holding onto it and retaining its weight in moisture. Not only does this regulate your body temperature as the water evaporates from the surface, but it also means it is not hanging onto any odor-causing bacteria. That means if you wear Merino wool socks, you no longer have to worry about heavy, wet, or smelly socks during the winter months—or any other time, for that matter. 

Merino wool is hailed by many as one of the best materials for keeping out cold air and water retention, making it the perfect option for socks. Because they are so comfortable and have so many benefits, it is hard to believe that you would want to wear any other material on your feet. 

Now that we have your attention, let’s dive into why you should be wearing Merino wool socks every day and how they can change your life. 

Get Rid of Smells 

We’ve already mentioned how Merino wool has special moisture fighting properties that regulate your body temperature. Let’s dive a little deeper into this wool’s magic touch. 

Because Merino wool draws water to the surface instead of fully absorbing it, it ensures that you do not risk having to change your socks if they accidentally get wet. Normally, stepping in a puddle means your feet are frigid and soaked until you get home and change. You don’t have to worry about a day of damp feet with Merino wool. 

By wicking away moisture, you also get rid of the bacteria that causes your feet to smell. Not only are these socks quick to dry—leaving you feeling warm yet breathable—but they also won’t make your feel smell rancid after a misstep. That’s one reason why Merino wool socks are so re-wearable. They maintain their original state well and fight outside factors that would normally ruin your socks. 

Since Merino wool is one of the quickest drying materials, there is no environment for odor-causing bacteria to grow and multiply. This guarantees maximum wearability with minimal washing necessary. 

Customers are amazed by how well Merino wool socks deliver on their promises and what a difference they make compared to a normal cotton sock. Because Merino wool fights off odors, you can wear them multiple times over without a pungent smell. This also ensures that your shoes and your feet won’t pick up the leftover scent incubating inside your shoe due to your sock. 

Warm and Fast Drying 

Merino wool socks have insane quick-drying properties that continuously draw moisture to the surface. By not holding onto the moisture, your socks won’t feel weighed down if you get them wet or sweat in them. 

If they do get damp, they won’t stay that way for long. This mitigates the worry that your feet will freeze if you get them wet because they never are damp for an extended period. 

Merino wool is praised for its high water retention, so it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before ever feeling wet. This gives you plenty of wiggle room when you are outdoors and being impacted by water around your feet, as the wool works to bring the water to the surface quickly and efficiently. 

Merino wool is also known as a great insulator for the same reason it has great elasticity: the crimps in the weave of the fiber. These crimps work to trap pockets of air within the wool fibers to store heat and keep outside cold air from entering. This provides you with maximum protection from the cold, all thanks to the material in your socks. 

It’s special to have socks that won’t be inconvenient if they get wet because not all shoes are waterproof. Especially for those who are going for runs outdoors in the winter, it can be extremely difficult to remain comfortable when so many sneakers are prone to getting wet and soaking through to your socks. Merino wool helps you avoid changing socks for every event in your day, especially the outdoor ones. 

The Caviar of Wool 

You wouldn’t believe how luxurious this wool feels. This wool rivals cashmere, but it’s less overbearing and high maintenance. Merino wool is so amazing that we made beanies, socks, shirts, and sweatshirts out of it to wrap our entire bodies in this luxury. 

Because this wool is made from such thin fibers, it creates an unbeatable product that feels like butter on your skin when you weave them all into one material. You should feel that comfortable from head to toe in the winter and have something that keeps you warm even if you get wet. 

These fibers are thin but mighty, making Merino wool much more durable. Because the fiber crimps, it makes the weave of the fabric incredibly strong and adds to the product's elasticity. This creates a contour to your body that other socks won’t provide, stretching and molding to your foot’s comfort and natural shape. 

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics for winter essentials because it keeps you warm while regulating your body temperature. This means you aren’t risking overheating and feeling uncomfortable when wearing your full winter gear. It also ensures you stay warm and dry when you may be subjected to rain and snow, ultimately making you colder if your clothing is absorbing any of it. 

At Western Rise, we try to make our clothes resistant to all of life’s natural events that could harm your clothing or cause you discomfort along the way. Merino wool helps us make it happen.


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