In Everything We Do, We Aim to Help You Elevate Your Life.

In Everything We Do, We Aim to Help You Elevate Your Life.

We provide freedom for men who want to own less and experience more. We maximize life's possibilities by making the world's most versatile clothing no matter how you live, work, or play.

Our Process

Ultimate Simplicity

We seek to own less, experience more and spend time focusing on the things that matter most to us. Every design detail and process is considered, removing anything unnecessary for maximum efficiency.

Versatile Performance

It has always been about the product. We develop the highest-quality materials from the best suppliers to create versatile garments that perform better every day no matter the weather, season, or occasion.

Timeless Style

One well-designed, performance piece can take the place of many cheaply-made, poorly-constructed items. Instead of chasing fads and trends, we elevate classic staples to be more versatile than ever before.

Our Logo

The Elevation Mark is taken from the elevation survey marker and denotes the highest point of elevation. It represents our relentless pursuit of elevation, direction, improvement, and purpose.

Our brand

Our Name

Our name is inspired by our roots, the rise of the Rocky Mountains, and the indomitable spirit of explorers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs who made them their home.

Our Story

Western Rise was founded with an adventurous spirit and a lofty goal: one set of performance clothing that works for anything your day may bring.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: a duffle bag full of clothing. We were outdoor guides in Vail, Colorado living multi-faceted days. We want to own less, do more, and spend time doing things that matter to us — whether that’s outdoors, traveling, or everyday.

Clothing options were sport-specific, over branded, and fit poorly so we carried multiple changes of clothing for each activity throughout the day. (We don’t recommend this.)

We started Western Rise to create an alternative.

By leaning on our roots in textile design, circumventing traditional channels, engaging directly with customers, and focusing on classic designs we were able to build versatile, quality, stylish, and sustainable clothing that allows you to own less, and experience more.

Kelly & Will Watters