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travel for free hacks with Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Business Ink cards

At Western Rise, travel is an integral part of our business and personal lives. Whether scouting new materials, meeting with partners, or taking a well-deserved break, we've mastered the art of traveling for free, thanks to a strategic approach to using rewards credit card for travel. Our secret weapons? The Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Business Ink cards.

The Dynamic Duo of Travel Rewards

Chase Business Ink: The Business Workhorse

For our business expenditures, the Chase Business Ink card is the backbone of our travel rewards credit card strategy. It's tailored for the needs of a growing business, offering an impressive 3x points on categories that are crucial for our operations:

  • Shipping
  • Social media and search engine advertising
  • Travel
  • Internet, cable, and phone services

This card allows us to earn triple points on the first $150,000 spent in these categories each account anniversary year, covering nearly all our business expenses. The points accumulate quickly, laying a solid foundation for our travel rewards strategy.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: The Personal Travel Companion

On the personal side, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is our go-to card offering an excellent travel rewards program. It excels in rewarding everyday spending, especially in travel and dining, with 3 points per dollar spent. When booking through Chase Ultimate Rewards, the rewards are even more lucrative - 5 points per dollar on air travel and 10 points on hotels, car rentals, and Chase Dining.

The Sapphire Reserve isn't just about earning travel points; it's about enhancing the travel experience. With benefits like airport lounge access and an annual travel credit, it makes travel more enjoyable and efficient.

Combining Rewards for Maximum Value

The real magic happens when we combine the rewards from both cards. Chase's Ultimate Rewards program is customer-friendly and flexible, allowing us to transfer points from the Chase Ink to the Sapphire Reserve effortlessly. This consolidation boosts our points' value by up to 50% when redeemed for travel through Chase's portal.

Moreover, the option to transfer points to 14 airline and hotel partners exponentially increases their potential value, offering us a wide array of travel possibilities worldwide.

Enhanced Travel Experience with Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and Priority Pass

Not only do we enjoy the financial benefits of our cards rewards strategy, but we also experience unparalleled travel convenience. We both (Will and Kelly) have our Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fees reimbursed by these cards, allowing us to breeze through security at airports. This perk alone transforms our travel days, saving time and reducing stress.

Additionally, our Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes with Priority Pass membership, providing access to over 1,300 airport lounges globally. This benefit means we can enjoy complimentary amenities and a peaceful atmosphere, whether we're on a domestic layover or waiting for an international flight. It's an invaluable part of our travel routine that elevates our overall experience.

The Impact on Our Travel

Thanks to this comprehensive travel rewards strategy, we haven't paid for business or personal travel in years. From flights to hotel stays, our credit card rewards have covered it all. This approach has saved us thousands while opening up a world of travel opportunities.

Getting Started With Earning Travel Rewards

For those inspired to embark on a similar journey, here's how to get started:

  • Evaluate your spending to ensure it aligns with the rewards categories of the Chase Business Ink and Sapphire Reserve cards.
  • Apply for both cards to begin earning rewards on business and personal expenses.
  • Strategize your spending to maximize points in the highest earning categories.
  • Combine your travel points regularly to increase their value for travel.
  • Explore transfer partners to find the best value for your points.


Our approach to free travel leveraging credit card for travel points has been a game-changer, offering not just savings but also a more luxurious and efficient travel experience. By leveraging the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Business Ink cards, we've unlocked endless possibilities to explore the world. We encourage others to consider this strategy and see how it can transform your travel experiences as well.

*If you use these links, we may get affiliate Chase Reserve Travel points as a reward. This helps us continue to travel as a brand. 

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