Men's Jogger Pants: Everything You Need To Know About Joggers

Men's Jogger Pants: Everything You Need To Know About Joggers

Joggers have taken the world by storm lately and don’t show any signs of slowing down. People are trading in their loose, baggy shapeless sweatpants for the more fitted, refined look of the jogger. 

These versions of sweatpants were only made more popular during the pandemic, where loungewear replaced your normal choice of attire for a majority of the day. The jogger is a modern take on sweatpants but they are also elevated, more socially acceptable to wear to work now than a pair of regular sweats would be. The jogger looks tailored to your outfit, pulling together the whole look instead of making you look like a mess. 

It’s a miracle that joggers came into our lives just when we needed them the most. People have found many ways to dress them up or down by pairing them with a nice jacket and some sneakers or loafers or just with an old t-shirt you had laying around. Any way you decide to wear them, you will ultimately notice how comfortable they are and you just may replace your khakis with them. 

By now, some of the mystery surrounding the beloved jogger pant should be wearing off. However, we know that there are tons of questions involved that have yet to be answered. Western Rise offers quality, durable joggers that can be worn during all of your endeavors without picking up any odor or moisture. 

We’ve answered all of your questions with this extensive look into the world of joggers. By the end, you’ll be on your way to buying multiple pairs and a full-time jogger connoisseur. 

What Is a Jogger Pant? 

Let’s start at the beginning by establishing what joggers really are. To put it simply, joggers are tapered sweatpants. They feature an elastic waistband and taper down with a stretch fabric that results in a clean finish. 

Joggers became popular originally for the sneakerheads of the world, people buying them because they didn’t want their pants to cover their sneakers. You often would see a lot of people tucking the bottoms of their sweats into socks so you could see what shoes they had on. The jogger eliminates that issue by cutting off at the ankle so you see the full shoe and sock combination. 

Joggers have become a staple for street style now, showing up on runways across the world and being sold at a wide range of prices. They are trendy because of the way people accessorize them and because of their extreme comfort. It is very difficult to find a piece of clothing that is both comfortable but is trendy enough to survive the test of time. 

Different Joggers for Different People 

Joggers are sold in tons of different materials which is part of what makes them so trendy. You can find leather joggers, joggers made out of cotton and polyester, or really any other material so they can be worn on different occasions. 

These bottoms are also extremely easy to match with anything in your closet. They can be worn with a sweatshirt and sneakers for a more cozy look or with a button-up for a night-out look and still look good. They don’t have just one overly-casual vibe like sweatpants do so wearing them out of the house is not so humiliating. 

Having pants that can be worn to any function throughout the day is rare because you find yourself having to go through so many different situations. Joggers solve this problem by being versatile and equally comfortable, which is another reason why people are so obsessed with them. 

Now that we have established what these remixed sweatpants are really, we can dissect the difference between joggers and actual sweatpants. 

Jogger vs. Sweatpants: What's the Difference?

The main difference between sweatpants and joggers is the overall fit and look. With sweatpants, you are getting a more shapeless look than you would with joggers thanks to the closer cut and tapered bottoms. Joggers maintain the shape of your legs throughout while sweatpants basically are only held on by the waist. 

Joggers are also normally made from more thin materials while sweatpants are designed to be warmer. If you are living in colder climates, then heavy, thicker sweatpants may be more popular in your area. However, joggers are made for letting your legs breathe easier so you will have an easier time working out in them. 

With all of that being said, sweatpants are a good option if you need to wear something over your workout clothes. However, if you want an outfit that can last throughout your workout without having to be taken off then joggers are your new best friend. Joggers will keep you warm on your way to the gym but also will not overwhelm you during your workout where you need to take them off. 

Think about these differences in the names of the clothing items—sweatpants drive you to sweat and keep warm, while joggers can be worn jogging and keep your legs breathing. You may notice athletes like professional basketball players wearing sweatpants before a game because they are trying to keep their muscles warm but joggers could last you throughout that workout if you wanted them to. 

While the exterior of the pants looks almost the same, they both carry vastly different purposes. Joggers are more light and breathable for your movement needs, while sweatpants are designed for your warmth and keeping the heat in. Depending on your needs, you can decide which would suit your lifestyle best. 

A pair of sweatpants are great for the bitter cold winter months where you can’t find enough clothing to keep you warm. Joggers, however, make for the better daily option if you are looking for versatility. Since they are able to be worn during any season without making you feel suffocated or overheated, they’re a no-brainer. 

Fits for Your Joggers 

Now that you know what the benefit of owning a pair of joggers is, it’s time to think of some amazing outfits that can be worn with them. First, let’s start with this awesome pair of joggers from Western Rise that are both moisture-wicking and water resistant. 

These joggers are great because they can be worn multiple times and look like they are fresh out of the wash. Any outside factors that normally require a change of pants are no longer a worry thanks to Western Rise. They also have multiple zippered pockets that keep your items safe and on hand at all times.

The most obvious outfit that can be thrown together with joggers is your classic loungewear outfit. If you're just looking to relax or lay on the couch all day, throw on a sweatshirt like this one and just enjoy the blissful comfort. This outfit is great because it looks put together enough that you can leave the house and not be embarrassed by the state of your outfit. 

A great way to spruce up your joggers is by throwing on a button-up shirt and a pair of loafers. This puts a more refined twist on your look, perfect for date nights and work events alike. Joggers that are made with the correct material like the Western Rise pair can be worn to nicer functions and replace your normal khaki pants without anyone noticing the difference. 

Another great aspect about joggers is that they can be worn during any type of weather so you can layer things with them. For example, if it’s one of those spring days that are cold during the mornings and warmer in the afternoon, joggers are a great option because they are light and breathable so they work alongside the weather. Wear joggers with a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, throw on a jacket if you’re extra cold that day and you have a great seasonal outfit. 

Joggers, Joggers, and More Joggers 

As for workouts, joggers are your best friend. Wear joggers with your running sneakers and a light, breathable, moisture-wicking shirt like this one. You then have the perfect workout outfit that can be worn to lunch after your workout and not smell like you spent an hour in the gym beforehand. 

Having a closet that is built of high-quality materials is the best way to have clothes that fit all situations. It saves you tons of trips to the mall or online shopping because you are confident that your clothes will get you through the day. Western Rise creates clothes that fit your chaotic lifestyle no matter the circumstances and promise to hold their own. 

What you need to know is that joggers can be played around with according to your style and comfort. Joggers can be accessorized and tailored to your personal style, or they can just be worn plain and make their own statement. Dress up your joggers with your coolest pair of sneakers and a plain sweatshirt and you still have a copacetic outfit. 

As we learned earlier, joggers originally became popular by those who wanted to show off their shoes. Therefore, you are encouraged to show off whatever shoes you’d like as a way to show your style. However, you can still wear a pair of flip flops or slides and still look great because they are that versatile.

Joggers also can be paired with blazers for a more dressed-up look. Since they are offered in so many different textures and patterns, they can appear as almost regular pants depending on which you’re choosing to wear that day. They offer joggers that are khaki, houndstooth and so many other styles that are comfier versions of your favorite work pants. 

So if joggers can be worn during any time of the day and to any event such as your workout, the last step is to figure out what to wear when you’re jogging. Hint: it includes a pair of joggers. 

What To Wear When Jogging? 

When you are finally ready to go on a jog, you are going to want to remain comfortable despite any weather changes that may come your way. Start by putting on the Spectrum Jogger, which will provide a great base for any outfit that you are wearing on your jog. They will remain light and airy while wicking away moisture so they don’t weigh you down. 

They also have multiple pockets so you can hold your phone and some cash if you need to and they will be safe the entire workout. These pants are stylish and will not smell, so you can keep them on for whatever you are doing afterward. Next, you want to put on a light t-shirt that will wick away sweat too. 

A t-shirt like Western RIse’s Session Tee or the StrongCore Tee are great options for workout shirts. They cling to your body and give you room in other areas that you may not want your shirt to stick to while being lightweight so you can breathe. This regulates your body temperature for you as well so you will feel overall more comfortable during your run. 

If it is getting colder outside, you may want to wear a light sweatshirt to combat that bitter wind that might blow your way. A sweatshirt that is breathable will also feel like you have nothing on but will keep you warm during your run regardless. It can also be tied tightly around your waist if you grow too hot for it. 

Complete the Look

Finally, throw on your favorite pair of running shoes and put your earphones in, play your favorite podcast or album, and you’re ready for a comfortable jog. You won’t have to worry about any of your clothes weighing you down or getting in your way throughout your workout, which we all know can be super annoying. 

If it’s cold outside, leggings can easily fit underneath your joggers undetected. This makes it simple for you to layer them and still feel great during your run. Joggers are also a great replacement for wearing leggings and shorts while you are running.

Since joggers have a super breathable feel to them, they give your legs the same insulation that leggings would but with almost the feel of wearing shorts. Having such temperature regulating pants are great for avid joggers who know the pain of changing temperatures during your workout. 

The great thing about Western Rise’s joggers is that they are able to survive the rain and dry quickly if you get caught running in a storm. They shed moisture instead of fully absorbing it and weighing you further down in the process. 

Why Wait? 

There are many reasons why people are absolutely obsessed with joggers. They are truly the most versatile pant option out there and come in a variety of style options fit for anyone. What started as a way to show off your sneakers has evolved into a huge fashion statement and a hot take on the original sweatpant. 

While joggers are a great workout buddy, you can also wear these pants while working, traveling, out to dinner, or on a date. Finding men’s pants that can serve that many purposes is almost rare but by buying multiple pairs of them you are ensuring that you always have an outfit. They are great staple pieces to store in your wardrobe for any season. 

Brands like Western Rise value sustainable clothing options that are comfortable and long-lasting. You will be astounded by the way these pants feel, almost like it’s too good to be true that you can wear them to work. However, you just need to learn that it’s all in the way you dress them up or down that makes the outfit. 

Joggers are quickly becoming staples in every man’s closet because they are now sold in different textures like khaki, so they look like completely different pants. They are stylish and can be matched well with almost anything sitting in your closet right now. Make sure to do your research and invest in high-quality fabrics that won’t tarnish after a few wears and washes. 


This extensive guide to joggers should be proof alone that they are a solid clothing item for everyone to own. If you’re looking for comfort above all else, the jogger pant is here for you and all of your daily activities. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy one….or two...or ten. 



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