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Posted on: 02/04/2022

Moisture Wicking vs. Dri Fit: What's the Difference?

When you are shopping for workout gear, you want to look for outfits that offer quick-drying properties.
Moisture Wicking vs. Dri Fit:  What's the Difference?

When you are shopping for workout gear, you want to look for outfits that offer quick-drying properties. Magical properties that draw sweat and moisture from your body so your clothes won’t feel weighed down when you are wearing them during a workout. Nothing is worse than when your socks are drenched because they got wet and won’t dry now for hours at least.

Fabrics such as wool, polyester, spandex, nylon, and acrylic all boast moisture-fighting properties. This means they will work to draw moisture to the surface so it can quickly evaporate instead of the fabric holding the water inside it. After a while, the water being held in the fabric will begin to feel heavy and wet, while moisture-wicking fabrics remain light and dry by drawing the moisture out. 

Fabrics that wick away moisture are great because you can actually wear them again after you work out. Normal clothing (made of materials such as cotton) absorbs the moisture, which is where bacteria that cause odor begins to grow and stays on your clothing until you wash it. If your clothing isn’t holding onto moisture, you are erasing areas where that bacteria can grow and rest, so you won’t be carrying scents or moisture with you throughout the day. 

Now that you know how great materials are that fight away moisture and odors, you may notice that some clothing is Dri Fit, while others just say they are moisture-wicking. The difference may be important in regards to how you shop for exercise clothing in the future, so here are the main differences. 

Moisture-Wicking Clothes 

Moisture-wicking clothes contain materials such as Merino wool, which is a material thinner than a strand of hair. The shape of Merino wool is so unique, which is what helps it fight away moisture when it comes into contact with the fabric. The shape makes it an inhospitable environment for water to be held. It pushes it to the surface and spreads it out so it evaporates quickly. 

Western Rise offers a ton of Merino wool clothes that have become fan favorites over time. Customers love Western Rise’s Merino options because they stand the test of time, keeping their original shape for the most part, and are insusceptible to odors and moisture. Essentially, Merino wool helps you have to do less laundry while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable. 

Moisture-wicking clothes use capillary action, exactly like the process our skin uses with sweat and bacteria. The tubes in the Merino wool that look like capillaries are what take the moisture that is trying to reach your skin and draw it to the surface, ultimately pushing it out. This process also helps regulate your body temperature. 

When you sweat, your body knows that your heart rate is elevated and you are working extra hard at the moment. Your body’s natural reaction is to try to cool your body temperature back down as quickly as possible through sweating, which then enters your clothing, and, thus, bacteria begins to work its way in. This is also why dead skin cells and other bacteria may clog your pores when you sweat and cause you to break out. 

Although these materials fight sweat and moisture, they are not waterproof. They are hydrophobic, which means they will not house the water and moisture you come into contact with and won’t try to absorb their weight in water. However, the material will still feel wet to the touch for a short period of time but will dry worlds faster than normal materials. 

Try any of Western Rise’s Merino products when you are working out, like the Merino wool socks. These socks are ideal for any situation because they are quick-drying and will not cause your feet to feel cold if you step in a puddle accidentally. They also resist holding onto odors, so you don’t need to keep your shoes on in front of people in worry your feet may smell. 

Western Rise also offers other clothing options for men that incorporate Merino wool without sacrificing your style. You don’t necessarily have to wear this while you work out, but to any event, that life may take you to. 

Dri Fit

Many clothing brands that make athletic wear will boast Dri Fit properties, but many people don’t know what that really means. While there are many fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties within them, Dri Fit is usually a microfiber polyester blend that moves sweat quickly from your body to the exterior of your clothing. In general, Dri Fit is a term coined by Nike to describe the moisture-wicking properties that their clothing provides. 

With Dri Fit, there is a special technology used within the polyester blend that draws the sweat evenly among the surface. By having an evenly distributed amount of water on the surface, it makes the drying process go by even faster. It is supposed to work alongside your body’s natural cooling system, think capillary action, and cool your body simultaneously as you work out. 

If there is a product that boasts Dri Fit and cotton, it is made out of a cotton blend that is not 100% cotton. This helps add other materials in the mix that fight away moisture, otherwise, the cotton will just absorb up to 100% of its body weight in sweat and added moisture. Be sure to check the labels of your clothing when you go to buy it to see what materials are used and if they are the optimal materials to use when fighting away moisture and odors during exercise. 

Like other moisture-wicking fabrics, Dri Fit ensures that you are not being weighed down by added moisture and sweat. It makes it a great material to layer under your workout clothes if you are planning to work out in colder weather because it doesn’t overheat you and works constantly to regulate your body temperature. 

The Main Difference 

Overall, the difference between moisture-wicking and Dri Fit is the name. Dri Fit is just another name for a moisture-wicking polyester blend that has the same properties as materials like Merino wool. So if you love Dri Fit material but want to find a similar feel at a different place, research materials that wick away moisture so you can get the same benefits. 

Moisture-wicking properties in fabrics are great for people who lead active lifestyles or are prone to sweating a lot. This will help you not have to worry about things like sweat stains or how you smell when your life is constantly evolving. Instead, moisture-wicking materials are great for those who are on the go and don’t have a change of clothes. 

When it comes to moisture-wicking materials, Western Rise offers plenty of versatile clothing options that can be worn to the office, gym, or on a date. There are clothing options for every man that last the test of time and fight away odor and moisture as you go. 


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