5 Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes To Pack With You on Your Next Vacation

5 Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes To Pack With You on Your Next Vacation

When it comes to packing for vacation, you may realize how pesky it can be to pack your nice clothes just to find them wrinkled from travel. You don’t always have a lot of space to bring garment bags and a steamer may not be readily available to you. Packing for vacation can become quite stressful if you have to bring nice clothing that may tarnish during your travels. 

The best way to resolve the problem of wrinkled clothing in your luggage is to pay attention to the fabrics your clothing is made out of when shopping. There are many materials that resist wrinkles and maintain their natural state quite well even when folded up and stuffed in a suitcase. By doing your research, you can save a lot of time and effort on your outfit and go about your vacation. 

Western Rise has a ton of options that are both wrinkle-resistant and odor resistant, both important when it comes to how grueling travel can be on your body and clothing. We make essential pieces that can fit any situation for any man. Here are some of our favorite travel clothes to pack on your next vacation. 

X Cotton Tee 

One of the main fabrics to look for when finding wrinkle-resistant clothing is polyester blends. Our X Cotton Tee is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane to resist wrinkles and odors. The moisture-wicking properties in the cotton fabric allow for it to draw moisture from your skin and evaporate on the surface of the shirt quickly. 

The X Cotton Tee is great because it comes in many colors, so you can buy a few and have versatile options for your vacation. They are also midweight and breathable and able to regulate your body temperature so you are constantly comfortable while wearing one. 

These shirts are great for layering as well. It makes for the perfect vacation option because it can go with plenty of outfits and minimize the need for excessive clothing in your luggage. It also structures to fit your body perfectly while remaining incredibly soft to the touch. 

StrongCore Merino Tee 

One of Western Rise’s favorite fabrics to use is Merino wool, an extremely thin fiber of wool that is soft and versatile. What’s special about Merino wool is that it is crimped at the end of the fibers, so it can trap in the air to keep your body cool. These crimps also work to expel moisture to the surface instead of holding onto it. 

Regular wool may be itchy and hold onto moisture for a long time, ruining your outfit because you won’t be dry for a long time after getting it wet. You may also overheat when wearing normal wool because it is trapping all of your body heat inside the material. With Merino wool, all of these worries can go away. 

The StrongCore Merino Tee is the softest, most luxurious-feeling t-shirt we offer. It remains light and airy on your body while contouring to flatter your body type. The wool is great at maintaining its natural shape and is capable of enduring travel, workouts, or anything else your life throws at you. 

Movement Short 

A pair of shorts is always necessary to pack for your vacation, but they always end up wrinkled at the bottom of your suitcase. Our Movement Short is made out of a polyester blend that prevents wrinkles and snagging so your shorts can endure most anything. Because the fabric is so dense, it maintains its natural shape really well and won’t wrinkle as easily. 

The Movement Short is extremely breathable and lightweight, so it feels great to even travel in. Add that with the water-resistant and odor-resistant technologies within the polyester blend and you have your new favorite pair of vacation shorts. 

The greatest feature of these shorts is that they double as swim trunks, so you don’t have to do extra packing if you have a few pairs of these. They dry so quickly that you will be good as new even if you were just in the ocean not long after. 

Evolution Short 

The Evolution Short can be packed in your luggage for a take on the khaki short. These shorts incorporate everything—style, wrinkle resistance, comfort, breathability—all in one. Much like the Movement Short, the Evolution Short is swim-ready thanks to its quick-drying properties.

These shorts are made from a Supplex nylon technology named the Evolution Fabric which is a soft version of twill. This technology is extremely light and breathable, contouring to your body to look great on every man. Nylon is also a great fabric to search for when looking for wrinkle-resistant clothing. 

Much like many of Western Rise’s options, the Evolution Shorts have moisture-wicking properties that allow for your clothes to dry quickly after getting wet. By having moisture-wicking properties, there is no wet, warm area for odor-causing bacteria to grow, so your clothes will not smell after a few days’ wear. Any of Western Rise’s options are great to pack because they maintain their natural state so well. 

StrongCore Hoodie

In the event of a chilly airplane ride or inclement weather, a hoodie is extremely necessary to pack for your vacation. The StrongCore Merino Hoodie is a great option because it has all of the benefits previously mentioned with Merino wool and it keeps you warm. It also is light, so it won’t take up a lot of room in your luggage but will still keep you warm. 

The hoodie works well on its own or is light and thin enough to be layered. Wear over the X Cotton Tee and under a jacket if your destination is colder or under a flannel or shacket. If you just want something to keep you warm during your travels, the hoodie will work well on its own. 

The hoodie can be worn with joggers or any of the above-listed shorts. It is extremely versatile and you won’t want to take it off after feeling how soft it really is. With odor resistance and moisture-wicking properties, this sweatshirt will maintain its natural shape really well. 

Western Rise for All Your Wrinkle Resistance Needs

Western Rise has all of your wrinkle-resistant fabrics in one place when it comes to packing. You won’t have to choose between moisture-wicking, odor resistance, and wrinkle resistance anymore. Look for fabrics like polyester, wool, denim, and nylon when it comes to wrinkle resistance because the fabric is often stiffer or more durable so it won’t wrinkle when crushed. 

Wrinkle-resistant clothes are great when packing for a vacation because they maintain their natural shape so well. Fabrics like cashmere, wool, and spandex that don’t have to be ironed are also ideal for traveling because they won’t require extra care and handling when you are unpacking. 


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