3 Best Everyday Pants for Men

3 Best Everyday Pants for Men

When you think of your everyday pants right now, you may be thinking about how you still have to wash them after a few wears before they start to smell. Or how you may need to get a new pair because yours are starting to wear down over time. While your current everyday pants are probably amazing, you may want to look into the materials your pants are made out of before buying. 

The fabrics and materials used in your clothing can tell you a lot about how your clothes will last over time and how to properly take care of them to get optimal results out of them. When it comes to your everyday pants, you want them to have stretch and durability while also being breathable and stylish, which can be hard to come by. Depending on how much you’re wearing them, and what activities you’re doing in them, your pants may take a beating from time to time. 

If you are shopping for pants that you can wear for long periods of time while fighting odors and stains, with quick-drying properties, or wrinkle resistance, look no further. Western Rise makes high-quality basics for all men no matter what event they have. 

Diversion Pant 

Western Rise created the ultimate replacement for your daily work pants with the Diversion Pant. These are more flattering than your average work pants because of the slim cut and four-way stretch. They are also stain-resistant and water-resistant so you can get them pretty dirty without consequence. 

The fabric is what makes the Diversion Pant special — a double weave fabric that has an exterior of nylon canvas and an interior dobby weave that feels as comfortable as sweatpants. It’s coated in a treatment that resists all stains and is self-cleaning, so your pants will always look good as new. These sturdy pants are extremely durable and won’t tarnish easily, so you won’t have to keep investing in a new pair. 

They are also breathable, so you will get good airflow during any time of year and feel comfortable. The material of these pants is so unique that you will want to wear them beyond work. Western Rise prides itself in making quality basics that can be worn during any event you have with ultimate style and comfort.

You can wear these pants with a button down and blazer for a more polished look, or just with a regular t-shirt. Whether you want to dress them up or down, you can guarantee these pants can be worn day after day and still look good as new. Having clothes that can maintain their natural state is extremely important when creating a reliable closet filled with basics.

Evolution Pant 

Our Evolution fabric utilizes Supplex nylon technology that weaves many fine fibers of nylon together to create a softer, more durable version of nylon. The Supplex technology creates an abrasion-free surface that feels soft like cotton and has extra stretch for your comfort. It’s our take on creating a more luxurious version of the nylon you are used to. 

What’s great about these pants is that they pack smaller than a t-shirt, so they can make traveling light simple. They are a versatile pair of pants that can replace your casual chinos, your outdoor pants, and your traveling pants all in one. These are a great option for everyday pants because they can be worn in many different situations and don’t take up a lot of room in your closet. 

The Evolution Pants are a great option for any situation, so you can wear them with almost anything and have a great outfit. Wear them with a t-shirt and a nice pair of sneakers for a casual everyday look that still looks put together. If you’re going somewhere nicer, a button down can be thrown on top and it still will look great. 

Having a pair of everyday pants that last you a long time but are comfortable enough to spend all day in is very important. Finding a pair of pants that you love enough to wear all week can be an effective way to minimize your closet. Buy a few colors of the same pair of pants and you have options for plenty of outfits and don’t need to go shopping so often. 

Another amazing fact about these pants is that they also are available in shorts form. This way you can wear your favorite material, the Evolution fabric, all year round. The shorts double as swim trunks, so you really have the most versatile shorts you have ever owned. 

Spectrum Jogger

A guide to everyday pants would not be complete without a pair of joggers. Joggers are perfect for lounging around the house watching television or going on a run when the weather is colder. Our performance-ready Spectrum Joggers are ready for exercise or an elevated athleisure look. 

Our joggers are able to replace your lounging pants, workout pants, and casual chinos thanks to their stylish slim cut. These joggers are water and stain-resistant and have four-way stretch, making them extremely comfortable and ensuring you will stay dry during your workout. 

Made from a warp knit twill Spectrum weave fabric, you can expect ultimate durability and stretch while getting the soft feel of a knit fabric. These joggers were created for activity, but look like they can be worn out on the town. Having a versatile pair of joggers like this can help you look and feel comfortable at all times, replacing at least three pairs of pants in your closet. 

Whether you are just doing nothing all day and want to lounge around in a hoodie and joggers, or you have to run errands, these joggers will be with you through it all. Our button downs pair nicely with the joggers, creating a more elevated casual look that is sufficient for date nights as well. Either way, you are looking at maximum levels of comfort. 

Western Rise’s Everyday Pants for Every Man 

Shopping for the ultimate pair of everyday pants does not have to be difficult, especially when you are looking at Western Rise. We offer premium basics that help you minimize your closet and have long-lasting, durable clothing items. If you are looking for pants that can replace multiple pairs in your wardrobe, then you will want to pay attention to the materials and fabrics used in your clothes to be able to tell how durable they will be. 

If you are looking for pants to wear every day and find a pair that makes you happy, buy them in multiple colors so you have varying outfit options but still can enjoy your favorite pair. Although Western Rise’s pants can go multiple wears on end without having to be washed, having options in color or style can help switch up your outfits from time to time. Regardless, Western Rise has the best pair of everyday pants for every man. 


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