The Best Moisture Wicking Underwear Based on Activity Type

The Best Moisture Wicking Underwear Based on Activity Type

We all know that comfort comes first when shopping for your underwear. Your active lifestyle cannot be deterred by a pair of ill-fitting boxer briefs or easily tarnished clothing, because who has the time to continuously shop for boxers? No matter what your activity level may be, there is a pair of underwear that will perfectly accompany you on your daily activities with minimal fuss. 

Depending on your level of activity, you may have different needs when it comes to purchasing underwear. You may want your boxers to feel like they have never been worn each time you put them on. You may want them to smell like they’ve never been touched before, even if you have worn them two days in a row.

Although none of this seems possible because of everything your underwear goes through in a day, we assure you it is entirely possible. By investing in underwear that is made out of quality material and created for your comfort, you are ensuring that you are getting the best possible pair of underwear on the market. All underwear should feel like it’s not even there, just getting out of your way so you can go about your day. 

Instead of buying cheap underwear that will be destroyed within a few months after purchasing, really do your research and find the underwear that is right for your activity level. The underwear we make here at Western Rise is made for men who have high activity levels and is made from high-quality materials that minimize odor and sweat. This ultimately leads to you not needing to wash them immediately after wearing them as they will smell and look like they’ve never been used. 

Let us introduce you to our favorite pair of moisture-wicking underwear based on your activity level. 

StrongCore Merino Boxer Brief 

The StrongCore Merino Boxer Brief is the caviar of underwear. Made with extra soft, extra durable Merino wool, these briefs are actually showing you that you won’t have to worry about them when they’re on. We make it easy to find your perfect fit. 

The beauty of Merino wool is that it is a super fine, super thin material that is thinner than a strand of hair. The fabric absorbs the moisture and then disperses it through the fabric so it can dry quickly. By doing this, the wool is absorbing the moisture and wicking it off your body as it comes so you don’t have to worry about your underwear picking up scents with the water. 

Merino wool is so thin that it contours to your body shape. The thin material actually molds to the parts of your body that you want it to and leaves you room to breathe elsewhere. This provides maximum comfort while also giving you a product that is functional and breathable. 

These boxer briefs are for the highly active man but they are also for the not-so-active man. These briefs were made for just about everyone in the world, whether it be lying on the couch watching TV all day or going to work straight after the gym. You can keep these briefs on after the gym and not worry about smelling like sweat and the floor of the gym. Invest in underwear that fights off what life throws at you daily. 

The StrongCore boxer brief is made to be worn longer than you anticipated. For those men who go on hiking trips and may not be able to change right away or for those who live a demanding on-the-go lifestyle. You never know where you may be or what the elements have in store for you that day but you can always be prepared. 

Underwear Built To Last 

While finding underwear that you enjoy and that lasts you a long time can be difficult, you may not have to discriminate when it comes to your activity level. The StrongCore underwear by Western Rise knows you are a busy man and you don’t necessarily want to spend a long time shopping for underwear. Instead, you are able to ensure that this underwear will stay by your side regardless of what your plans are that day or your activity level. 

So keep in mind that your plans can be simply lounging around on Sunday watching football or they can be hiking to the top of a mountain—either way, this underwear is here for you. The temperature regulating technology within Merino wool also makes sure you can wear this underwear during any season and feel maximum comfort levels. They are lightweight and extremely breathable so you can stock up on multiple pairs and never have to think about underwear shopping again. 

Overall, the StrongCore Merino Boxer Brief helps make underwear shopping very easy for you. These briefs follow you to the ends of the earth while maintaining their quality. By getting multiple wears out of them, you are mitigating the need to worry about them in times where changing your clothes is not an option. 

Buying yourself a pair of boxer briefs that don’t ride up and go well under any outfit will be extremely beneficial to your wardrobe. This underwear can stay on throughout the day and survive multiple outfit changes without giving it a second thought, which is a pretty amazing feat when you really think about it. Having boxers that save you money and are equally as comfortable and durable make for an extremely fiscally responsible purchase as well. 

Boxers That Fit Every Activity Level

In case you didn’t believe us the first time, the StrongCore Merino Boxer Brief really will withstand any activity level you are facing. Whether it be a long run, a long nap, or a long day of working, these boxers are going to stay with you. Our Merino wool also makes sure you won’t smell or hold moisture for a long period of time either so you don’t have to worry about running home to change after work. 

If your daily life is constantly changing and evolving, it does not matter to these briefs- they are here for you always. Quickly becoming a cult favorite, you won’t want your boxers to be made out of anything besides Merino wool from here on out. 

With a band that doesn’t squeeze or cut at your sides and material that clings to your legs so they don’t ride up under even the tightest of pants, your decision to purchase these boxers will always pay off. It is extremely important to make sure you are researching what materials will get you the best results, especially when it comes to your underwear. 


Besides our boxers, we offer tons of other products featuring Merino wool such as this form-fitting tee for all of your moisture-wicking, odor resisting needs. However, a great place to start is seeing how these boxers work during any situation for any man. It is almost impossible to find a boxer that has it all but we may have truly done it this time. 



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