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How Should I Dress for Running?

How Should I Dress for Running?

We know that running can be an intimidating experience if you have absolutely no clue where to start. So, Western Rise wanted to make it a little easier for you by starting at the very beginning: what exactly should you wear when you want to go running? The weather can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable when you are out on a run. 

With all that being said, finding the right running clothes is essential for your overall running experience. You want to feel properly ventilated and not like your clothes are weighing you down on top of everything else. You also want something that is not going to pick up your sweat or the rain if it starts while you are out there. 

Western Rise prides itself in creating clothes that are perfect for those who are active. Some articles have moisture-wicking properties as well. These properties are great for running because they do not absorb moisture, but push the water or sweat to the surface and evaporate. 

These properties also fight odor because they do not cling onto the bacteria produced in sweat, so you can wear these clothes multiple times and not smell like you’ve run in them at all. 

We offer great options for all of your running needs, so let’s get started with some of our favorite running essentials. 

Movement Short 

The most basic place to start when it comes to finding a running outfit is to look for a pair of shorts. As you know, however, you cannot run in just any pair of shorts as they will ride up or fall down and just feel plain uncomfortable over time. There is no worse feeling than being half a mile out on a run and realizing your pants are going to annoy you the entire time. 

With Western Rise’s Movement Short, you can wear these shorts during your entire week’s worth of runs and not have to wash them. It is such a relief that you only need to buy one or two pairs of shorts to be able to get you through your workouts, saving you money in the long run. 

Another great part about these shorts for your runs is that they come equipped with zippered pockets, so you can put your phone and cards in and run without worrying about losing anything. Everything stays on your body, and since there is a durable water resistant coating, your personal items are not going to be ruined by sweat or inclement weather. 

These shorts can replace your athletic shorts or your swim shorts with no fuss so you are able to get soaked and dry extremely quickly. They have ample stretch and don’t ride up during your exercise routine and you will be thankful you invested in them. Plus, they don’t sacrifice style and come in a few colors so you can stock up. 

Session Tee 

Another extremely important aspect of your running outfit should be its ability to regulate your body temperature. If you are exerting high activity levels, especially in high temperatures, your heart rate is bound to increase dramatically and your clothes could be making this worse. Moisture-wicking properties help fix this problem by evaporating sweat and moisture quickly and feeling lightweight on your body for prime ventilation. 

The Session Tee is the perfect lightweight t-shirt to wear on your run because of the micro-mesh blend that wicks away sweat and fights odors from the bacteria in it. Again, you aren’t going to have to wash this shirt immediately after your run so you can stay in it all day if you really want to, and you’re going to want to. 

This tee is the ideal t-shirt for running because you can barely feel it is on but is slim fitting and stylish. It contours to your body thanks to the Japanese Deltapeak technology used in the micro-mesh blend, clinging to your body in all the right places but also leaving room and breathability. In other words, it is a great versatile piece that keeps you cool while you are running. 

Western Rise offers other great t-shirt options that do the same thing, but the Session Tee proves itself to be the favorite when it comes to running. Stay cool and look cooler with the perfect running tee. 

Spectrum Jogger 

We understand that it can be a cooler climate where you live and it is not always sufficient to wear a t-shirt and shorts outside on your run. Joggers are the perfect pants to wear when you are out on a run because they are better for ventilation, whereas a sweatpant is meant to keep the heat in. 

You want your joggers to feel light on your body and not feel like they are keeping every ounce of heat inside your body as you run. The Spectrum Jogger is perfect for lounging around the house or going on a run but they look like they are fit for a nicer function. You are actually going to be running in style with these joggers on, so you can wear them wherever you want after your quick morning jog. 

A pair of joggers are great for any situation, but especially for your run where you want to keep your legs warm without having to wear leggings underneath a pair of shorts. Instead, you just throw these on with a sweatshirt and can feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. They make it easy to work out and then move along with your life in the exact same outfit. 

StrongCore Hoodie 

The StrongCore Hoodie from Western Rise is a fashionable take on an everyday favorite. The Merino wool is what makes this product so special, with fibers that are thinner than human hair for an extremely fine weave. This fabric feels like cashmere but is breathable and does not hold all of your body heat in as you run. 

It is also lightweight and ventilated, making it easy for you to run in it the entire way and not feel like you have to stop and take it off when you start to break a sweat. This sweater wicks away sweat and moisture while fighting odor like the rest of the products we are obsessed with at Western Rise. Your running outfit does not have to smell bad after you sweat in it and will dry extremely fast so you can move on to the next task seamlessly. 

Having a good hoodie that looks stylish while also being able to be worn during a run is rare, but Western Rise offers great options for any man who does not want to make sacrifices while shopping. We believe that you can have it all when it comes to your clothes and that you should never settle for less than products that work with you and for you. 

Run to Western Rise

Western Rise is great for any situation a man faces, but running is the name of the game. Our clothes wick away sweat and fight odors so you can feel comfortable during your run. The high-quality products found throughout our website are durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to do so many shopping trips for your runs. 



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