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The Best Guide on What To Wear Cycling

The Best Guide on What To Wear Cycling

When you get into cycling, you realize that comfort is a luxury that does not come easily when it comes to your cycling outfits. Biking to the office or on your daily commute should be comfortable and enjoyable. Your clothing should be breathable and feel lightweight so you are not weighed down by them during your cycling session. 

Western Rise knows that clothing should work for men, whether they are riding their bike to the store or for a leisurely ride. We also know how most clothes made for movement hold onto the moisture and sweat you produce throughout the day and often leave you smelling quite pungent afterward. So we decided to fix that problem by designing clothes that are stretchy and moisture and stain-resistant. You won’t be restricted in your movement. 

The best part about our clothes is that they are versatile, so they can be worn after your cycling journey to drinks or dinner and still look appropriate. Since they fought off your sweat, you won’t smell and you can really go days without washing your garments. We have created high-quality fashion items that are to be worn working, working out, or lounging around the house. 

So let’s get into the best cycling clothing items for every man and every season. Western Rise’s versatile clothes are prepared to get you through any cycling weather in any environment, any location. 

The Evolution Pant

As you can see by the name, these pants are made to help you evolve throughout your day. They can take you from work to dinner, even if you’re biking. You can feel good about wearing these pants while biking because they are not prone to riding up and making you uncomfortable. They also have those water and stain-resistant properties that we love here at Western Rise so you are sure to dry quickly and stay cool as you ride. 

Your legs are the prime focus of cycling, so you want pants that are going to withstand any movements you make. These shorts have excellent stretch as well, so they won’t squeeze you or make you feel uncomfortable during your ride. Equipped with a water repellent treatment that keeps stains away, these shorts are sure to last you a very long time. 

The Evolution Pants are also versatile; they don’t necessarily look like workout pants but pants that can be worn in any event. You can bring them on trips with you, dress them up or down, and move in them so they minimize the need for excessive shopping. 

Athletic Socks 

You deserve a good pair of athletic socks to go along with your cycling shoes, ones that are breathable and don’t hang onto moisture like most other pairs. The difference between normal athletic socks and Western Rise’s athletic socks is that ours are made from a Merino wool blend that wicks away moisture and fights odors. This gives our socks a quick-drying property that keeps your feet cool as you sweat. 

If you are biking through a rainstorm unexpectedly or your feet are just naturally sweating, you don’t have to worry about your socks hanging onto the sweat and smelling. So that means you can feel free to take your shoes off in front of people after your ride and your feet won’t knock people out because of the smell. It also means that your feet are staying cool due to the quick-dry technology. 

Merino wool is great because it is super soft and keeps your feet warm, rivaling something like cashmere. The difference between them is that Merino wool is super thin and fine, so you are getting a lightweight feel that is super breathable. They won’t overwhelm your feet with heat and make them sweat even more as you start to cycle. 

Having socks that let your feet breathe is imperative for a good cycling performance because you are working with your legs so much. If your feet are warm and sweating, the chances of the rest of your body feeling the same are heightened. These athletic socks are a nod to the classic, retro ones you’d see back in the day, with a stylish stripe logo at the top. 

AirLoft Hooded Jacket 

A jacket may seem a little odd when you consider a cycling outfit, but think of all of the climates and seasons you will be cycling through. You never know what weather is going to be thrown at you when you least expect it, and we aren’t all cycling in perfect sunny weather. So, a jacket with a hood is a great piece of clothing to have in your cycling outfit wardrobe. 

The AirLoft Hooded Jacket is specially designed to regulate temperatures, resist water, odors, and stains, and has high levels of stretch throughout. It’s weather resistant and warm while remaining highly breathable (so you can be active without overheating). The jacket is slim fitting, so it looks overall nicer and is lighter weight than most jackets. However, it maintains your warmth without suffocating you and has a polyester blend. 

Once again, having something water-resistant is great for outdoor adventures because you are never sure what is going to come your way. You can also keep your phone and other personal items in the zippered pockets and not worry about them getting destroyed by a downpour of rain or falling out as you go. This jacket exudes versatility and can be worn during all seasons that require some sort of jacket. 

Cycle Away in Style

Western Rise enjoys making men’s clothing that can be worn in any situation and that stays true to you the whole way. We make sure that you don’t have to purchase clothes as often because our products last and resist tarnish. There is no need to feel like you are settling when purchasing clothes, and ours can be worn in most settings so you are always looking your best. 

We prioritize comfort and style while making sure our clothes are fighting those stains, smells, and sweat that are produced throughout the day. Cycling is no exception to our standard, and our clothes will uphold themselves as you embark on your ride every time. Look through some of our other favorites on our website and you will find even more items that you will love. 

There are so many great options for your cycling needs, down to joggers, beanies, and socks that guarantee comfort and style on your journey. With our special performance fabric, you are ensured stretch, comfort, and durability, unlike any other brand. 

If you couldn’t tell, we just want you to be happy and have to worry as little as humanly possible about your clothes. Because who wants to be bothered by their t-shirt when cycling? Try any of Western Rise’s performance fabric clothes for your cycling needs and ride with ease knowing your clothes are going to just enjoy the ride with you. 



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