An Easy Tutorial on How To Wash Clothes by Hand

An Easy Tutorial on How To Wash Clothes by Hand

When you’re traveling, one of the most frustrating things can be not having access to a washing machine. Sure, some hotels offer dry cleaning, but not all do, and sometimes it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. One way to make sure your clothes stay clean and you don’t have to overpack is by hand-washing them. All you really need is a tub, water, and some soap. 

In order to ensure nothing changes with your clothes when you embark upon washing them, hand washing is the best option. Western Rise offers premium high-quality fabrics that are durable enough to handle the flow of a washing machine, but can also be cleaned by hand when needed. 

A great way to be able to tell what materials need to be hand-washed versus which can be thrown in your washing machine is to read the label of the clothing item. Normally, you will be able to quickly find the best option for your clothing. For example, if your label reads: “Dry Clean Only,” then you are not going to want to touch it and take it directly to the cleaners. 

However, if your clothes are good to be hand washed and you have no idea where to start, look no further. We know it can be intimidating washing your clothes by hand, or just even feel a little unnecessary because you have a perfectly good washer/dryer set, some clothes are just better off hand washed. 

Without further ado, here is the most basic guide to hand washing your new Western Rise clothes when you’re traveling or just in a pinch.

Fill a Tub With Water...And Go 

The care label on your clothing items should indicate what water temperature is ideal for it, so check it out and fill a tub with the ideal water for your item. Once you do that, you are on your way to completing a perfect hand wash for your items. 

If your item does not have a temperature recommendation for the water, you are safe to use cool to lukewarm water for your wash. After that, add about a teaspoon of detergent to the water or a little more depending on the number of items you’re washing and the soil level. 

Once your water is set up, you are going to want to gently place your clothing items in the water. Gently submerge the fabrics until they are completely underwater, making sure that you don’t excessively twist or wring them out in an effort not to ruin or tarnish the clothes. 

Swish your garments around in the sudsy water until the garment appears clean completely. You are able to purchase hand washing tools as well if you are dealing with bigger stains or have a lot more cleaning to do than anticipated. However, you should be completely fine with using your hands and some water and detergent. 

Swirl your clothes completely and gently until you feel confident that you have completely mitigated all dirt and grime from your clothes. Then, you have completed the first step of hand washing your new Western Rise items. 

Rinse and Repeat 

Just like you were told when you wanted to make your hair extra clean, make sure to rinse and repeat when you are sure you are finished hand washing. Drain your tub of water and fill it with cool rinsing water this time. Your garment is sure to be soapy from the cleaning, but don’t worry; this is why we are rinsing with cool water. 

Move the garment up and down in the cool rinsing water until you are satisfied and there are no suds left hanging onto the fabric. If you don’t know if that has occurred yet, smell your garment and see if it smells like detergent at all. If it does, you are not completely finished rinsing and you will have to repeat the process over again. 

This can take multiple refills of rinsing water, so don’t be discouraged if after the first go around you have to switch out the water and continue back rinsing your clothes. After a few rounds of rinsing, your item should be completely clean and ready for the next phase of your hand washing operation. 

Dry to Perfection

Now that you have made it all the way through the hand washing process, you are ready to dry your garments and have made it to the end of our guide. Hang your items on a line or over a railing in your house and leave them for a few hours until dry to the touch. If you are too anxious and put them away when a little wet, the clothes will take on a scent of mildew and you will have to restart the entire process. 

Hand washing can be a relatively quick process when you really look at it. You also are ensuring that your clothes are staying the exact same as they were before. A lot of people like to hand wash their bottoms so that they don’t shrink when they put them through the dryer. It is the best way to keep everything intact while cleaning them. 

If you aren’t worried about shrinkage and don’t have a ton of time on your hands to wait for your garments to dry, you are welcome to throw them into the dryer for a quicker dry time. If not, we recommend leaving your Western Rise clothes out to dry and go make dinner while you wait or complete a different task that has been set aside. 

Easy as Pie 

Hand washing your clothes has many benefits when it comes to keeping things clean and odor-free while you’re traveling or if you don’t have access to a washing machine. However, a lot of people think it could take up too much time or just simply don’t know how to do it.

Another great aspect about handwashing is that you are ensuring your clothes are fitting just the way you want them to. You don’t have to wear them around the house after washing to stretch them back out and get them back to that looser fit you worked so hard to accomplish. You also don’t have to skip washing them altogether because you don’t want them to shrink down or get ruined. 

Hand washing is super easy and only requires a little bit of your effort and almost no work to accomplish. It is also a great way to cut your energy bill down by using your washing machine less and minimizing your waste. There are tons of clothing items in your closet that would benefit from a good hand wash as opposed to the machine, so be sure to check your labels before you wash. 

Paying attention to your clothes can make them last longer and fit better, plus it negates the worry of ruining them completely if you throw in a colored sock that could dye your clothes accidentally. So now that you know how to wash your Western Rise clothing items by hand, you can be confident that you are maintaining your clothes and keeping them in the best condition they could possibly be in overtime. 



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