The Best Moisture-Wicking Socks

The Best Moisture-Wicking Socks

We know that your daily life can be a bit hectic and things can get a little sweaty. Every day can look a little different for you, but you want your socks to stay with you throughout. No one wants their socks to stay soaking wet if you start sweating, especially if you are out and did not bring a change. This can all be avoided with a little bit of research into socks that have moisture-wicking properties, which allow for your clothing to dry more quickly than regular poly fibers. 

With all that being said, Western Rise has some of the greatest moisture-wicking clothing items for any situation. These properties also draw sweat away from the skin and evaporate on the surface, making it easy for you to work out and then go straight to work with the same pair of socks. 

Check out our favorite pair of moisture-wicking socks that are durable and versatile, the best combination you can ask for. 

StrongCore Merino Wool Socks 

Imagine this: you’re going on a trip and you can only bring one bag. While this may be a nightmare (because you can’t possibly fit four days’ worth of outfits plus toiletries and electronics in one backpack), there is a solution. Buying clothes that have moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties allows for you to bring the bare minimum without it being noticeable. 

The StrongCore Merino Wool Socks from Western Rise are some of the best socks on the market. They are temperature regulating thanks to the Merino wool, making your feet warm when it is snowing but not overbearingly sweaty. Instead of being made with poly fibers like most athletic apparel, these socks are made with moisture wicking merino wool fibers that will pull moisture out instead of hanging onto it all day. 

You can truly only pack one pair of socks during your trip and not have to worry about excessive smells. The socks are durable too, so there’s no hole in the bottom if you are going hiking and wearing them for hours upon hours each day. Seriously, wear these socks when there is a torrential downpour outside and you will be surprised by how they still keep your feet warm and how quickly they dry. 

Merino wool also makes these socks extra special because of the cashmere-like texture they give off. These socks feel like luxury due to the superfine weave with fibers that are thinner than a strand of hair. They differentiate themselves by not overheating your feet like most wool but instead letting your feet breathe with every move you make. 

Merino wool also has odor-resistant properties that will deter any odor that sweat or substances like dirt may leave hanging normally. This means that you can quite literally do anything in these socks and then wear them the next day without being scared that you are leaving a trail of odor behind as you walk. Plus, you don’t have to keep your shoes on in front of people because you’re worried your feet smell.

While cotton can absorb 7% of its weight in water or sweat, so it is absorbent but not effective. It hangs onto that moisture, causing discomfort and often extreme cold. Fabric with wicking properties is made from a poly blend that draws the moisture to the surface of the sock and expels it so you’re getting a quick dry. 

Merino Athletic Socks 

If you want a sock that is made for working out and not keeping your feet warm during the winter months, look no further. Western Rise offers a Merino Athletic Sock that wicks away sweat as you work out and does not leave a trace of odor behind. They are also breathable, keeping your feet cool during your workout. 

Accompanied with a design reminiscent of old-school gym socks, these are the perfect pair for your next athletic endeavor. Temperature regulation is extremely important in the world of working out because there is nothing worse than working out and your socks are suffocating you. Instead, look for socks like Western Rise’s that make sure you are breathing and comfortable in all circumstances. 

These socks work to neutralize odor and are also incredibly effective in staying in place even if you are jumping around so no more having to stop and pull up your socks. Finding socks that can truly do it all is extremely difficult, but can be life-changing for your exercise lifestyle. 

Invest in luxury and find yourself having to wash your socks and clothes less and less. They work to be durable and versatile without you having to think about it. In a time where life is busy and extremely unpredictable, make sure your clothes can handle whatever may come your way. 

Socks Should Last 

You don’t have to settle when it comes to quality within your socks. Do your research when it comes to shopping. See what the reviews say about durability and the ability to regulate temperature. Or, do yourself a favor and make it easy by shopping with Western Rise, where we make it a priority to provide you with quality items that last.

These socks make sure your laundry load gets smaller and smaller as time goes on. By wearing them daily, you may worry that they smell completely awful or look disgusting. However, you will be shocked to find that you can get multiple wears out of them even if you are wearing them in inclement weather. 

With an emphasis on Merino wool in our fabrics, Western Rise is making sure you are keeping your feet warm without suffocating you. These socks will just feel like another part of your body, barely even able to notice that they are there. A good pair of socks should be your friend and work to make you comfortable no matter what. 

There is no better way to invest in your sock drawer than with Western Rise’s high-quality selection of moisture-wicking socks. They feel like all socks are supposed to feel, and by investing in a few pairs of socks you are covered for a very long time. Western Rise offers all different types of clothing that have the same magical properties that will minimize your closet while maintaining style and comfort. 

Moisture-wicking socks are a game-changer for every man. You never know what is going to happen when you walk out the door and you want your clothes to be able to absorb whatever comes your way. If your socks are soaking wet and stink, you are going to want to go home and change, but not with the right pair. 

Instead of thinking of the what-ifs in life, be confident that whatever you are putting on your body can last you. That way, you are able to fight through the day in style and comfort and don’t need to bother with a little water getting on you. With affordable luxury at Western Rise, you are investing in a long-lasting closet with nothing but the essentials. 

Moisture-wicking is the next best thing for your clothes and your overall peace of mind, so don’t waste any more time and grab these socks that will do the work for you. 



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