The Best Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brand 2021

The Best Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brand 2021

Sustainable fashion brands are popping up everywhere lately thanks to shoppers becoming more aware of which brands value saving the environment. A ton of pollution comes from the fashion industry through water waste, chemical pollution, and carbon dioxide emissions. So when you are shopping next time, pay attention to the brands that boast sustainable practices. 

Some brands maintain sustainable practices by using natural, biodegradable fabrics and natural dyeing methods. By doing this, they are minimizing the number of chemical pollutants that are dumped into the oceans due to garment dyeing. The natural fabrics can also be recycled and repurposed so they also are working with the environment instead of against it. There is even the option to create garment labels that are sustainable

Another detail to pay attention to is the packaging; are the brands you shop at using recycled packaging and are they working towards being plastic-free? By doing both of these things, the brand is eliminating plastic waste that fills landfills around the world or even ends up in our oceans. Brands can also use green energy and low resource consumption practices to reduce water consumption. 

The main goal is to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint possible in all aspects of our lives, including our clothes. There are more and more sustainable fashion brands surfacing due to the rise in knowledge about how we are affecting the planet. Western Rise is a great example because we use recycled materials and special fabrics that are healthy for the environment and still stylish. 

Western Rise is a clothing brand that keeps sustainability in mind throughout all of our production processes. We are 100% Carbon Neutral and we prioritize Bluesign-approved sustainable fabrics in all of our garments. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint every step of the way and use high-quality, recycled materials that make your clothes more sustainable and comfortable for your everyday use. Check out some of our clothing items that you can feel good about purchasing knowing we both are helping the planet. 

The Evolution Pant 

The Evolution Pant is your perfect everyday pant, made for any situation you may face at any time. The chaos of your life may be overwhelming at times but you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your clothes will survive the day with you. 

These pants are made out of a special nylon fabric that makes it so you don’t have to wash these pants every day after wearing them. In fact, they are made so you shouldn’t have to wash them for at least a few wears at a time. They won’t smell or bring along any stenches you would normally pick up from your everyday routine. 

The Evolution Pant rivals your normal khakis and they can also survive a workout or get wet if you need them to. You can play golf in them and not get grass stains and you can wear them again on your date the following day. These are the pants that evolve alongside you, making sure that you are comfortable throughout your daily routine. 

These pants are also great for the outdoorsy types who may do a lot of work in the yard because they keep you warm and are abrasion-resistant. This means it’s extremely difficult to rip these pants if you are on your knees working and are susceptible to getting holes in your pants. It makes for a very good investment if you are spending money on a pair of pants you know will last you a long time. 

Stock up on the Evolution Pant to minimize your closet and the need for excessive shopping. They can be matched with blazers, button-ups, t-shirts, or whatever else you’d want to wear really. Either way, you will look well put together and feel effortlessly comfortable no matter where you go. 

Merino Cashmere Beanie 

Since the weather is finally cooling down and we are approaching the winter months very quickly, this beanie is a no-brainer. Cashmere feels amazing and can often be overwhelmingly expensive, but when you buy it, you realize it was worth every penny. It also keeps you extremely warm. With the Merino wool, you will find your head feels airflow and is not overheating. 

This hat is extremely affordable especially for a cashmere blend so you don’t have to feel like you spent an entire paycheck on a beanie. Blended with merino wool, you wouldn’t believe how breathable this hat really is until you wear it yourself. Since the fabrics used are so thin, it makes the beanie not feel itchy as you wear it as most other hats can. 

Beanies are great to wear during the winter when you are spending time outside and look great under a hooded sweatshirt as well. Pair those with a jacket and some pants and you have a warm winter outfit that can be easily found in any closet. 

With Western Rise’s products, you are making sure your clothes fit any of your needs. We provide essential clothing items for men that can be worn during any season and layered with each other. 

Sustainability Is Fashionable 

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your clothes are sustainable and are helping the environment. Do the work for yourself and buy clothes from brands that boast sustainability and guarantee that they are following steps to help the environment. Being sustainable is beneficial to both the brand and the consumer so really nobody loses from trying to save the planet. 

Knowing whether or not a brand is sustainable comes down to adaptability and how the brand connects that into its product. If the brand is clear and communicative about how they are dedicated to making their carbon footprint smaller and their products more sustainable, then it is safe to say they are committed to creating an environmentally conscious product. 

Western Rise offers all sustainable options from pants to shirts to socks and everything in between. Many men’s brands have not found as much success creating comfortable and sustainable products that don’t break your bank in the process. However, you will find everything you need for your ever-changing lifestyle that is made with the environment in mind. 

Overall, sustainability is the hottest trend in fashion right now (and we believe it’s here to stay) and you should feel passionate about buying from brands that are trying to follow it. Western Rise is one of the best men’s clothing brands that are equally sustainable and comfortable while still maintaining your style. Our clothes are perfect for every man’s tastes and are great for filling your wardrobe with essentials that fit everyone. 

Wrapping It Up

By buying sustainable clothing, you are making sure that you are supporting brands that are relaying the same message. You do not have to waste so much when it comes to creating fashionable clothing and Western Rise does a great job of proving as much. Instead, we aim to waste as little as possible and create high fashion pieces, raising your standards for fashion. 



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