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A Simple Guide on What To Wear Hiking

A Simple Guide on What To Wear Hiking

Planning for a hiking trip can be a very fun experience until you realize your wardrobe is not equipped with the correct materials for hiking. Any weather can come your way during a hike and you have to be ready for it all. Yet all of your shirts weigh you down and make you sweat and your underwear rides up after an hour of walking. 

We know how stressful having the wrong clothes during a hike can be and you certainly do not want to feel weighed down or overwhelmed by your outfit. Hiking is a strenuous activity and we understand that. Finding all of those clothes in one place that won’t break your bank account is a whole other beast you have to tame. 

While all of these factors combined can be intimidating, we made sure to keep all this in mind while compiling a short, easy list of what to wear while hiking. We prioritized your comfort and style all while keeping you cool and breathing easy. These are clothes you won’t have to think about once you put on your body, AKA the perfect hiking companion. 

Your next hiking trip could look many different ways but you are still going to have to have similar outfits packed away. Instead of worrying about what you need to wear, follow our extremely simplified list for all of your hiking essentials with Western Rise. So, without further ado, here is our list of hiking clothing essentials for your next trip. 

Evolution Short and Pant 

The Evolution line is your next favorite choice of bottoms for any occasion (but in this case, it’s hiking). These bottoms are meant for any situation a man faces daily and are equal parts stylish and versatile. They are everything you need in a pair of pants without sacrificing comfort or quality. 

When you’re hiking, you want to make sure that your bottoms are not causing you any extra discomfort. If you are hiking in a more wooded area or an area with a lot of brush, you may want to look at the Evolution Pants to protect your calves and ankles from outside factors. With a hidden security pocket to keep your items safe and stain-resistant technology, you will be amazed that it looks like you never even wore these pants after you’re done. 

Another amazing thing about these shorts is that they are water-resistant so they literally can replace your swim trunks. A pair of shorts that replace your khaki shorts and swim shorts in one is almost unheard of. The other awesome part about the Evolution shorts is their ability to dry extremely quickly due to their water-resistant technology so you can jump in the water if you want to. 

AirLoft Hooded Jacket

The weather can be unpredictable and we know that it always rains when you plan to take your trips. By bringing a jacket that is temperature regulating and moisture resistant, you are ensuring you aren’t bothered regardless of the temperature outside. The AirLoft Hooded Jacket is a great option because it has extra stretch and won’t feel like it’s suffocating you during your adventures. 

No matter what time of year it is, it is always a good idea to have a jacket on hand during your hike even if it just sits in your backpack the entire time. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in any way during your hike so plan accordingly for any type of weather you may face. 

The jacket provides a flattering look due to the elastic cuffs, modern cut, and drawstring hood so you look extra fashionable despite wearing hiking clothes. It also has four zipper pockets throughout and a packable stuff pocket so you can fit all of your materials in it without having to worry about them getting drenched. 

The AirLoft technology will breathe with you and survive any situation. Do yourself a favor and bring this along with you to fight the weather and protect yourself along the way. 

Versa Hat 

The Versa Hat is great for hiking because it is crushable so it can be stuffed at the bottom of your backpack and take up virtually no room. Another amazing feature is Western Rise’s claim to fame: moisture resistance. There is genuinely nothing better than not having to worry about your clothes being ruined due to environmental factors. 

A hat is a great item to bring on your hike to help shield your eyes and face from the beating sun that can shine your way. It also wicks away your sweat as it appears so you won’t feel that pesky irritation that comes from your forehead and hat while you sweat. The Versa hat does not minimize your fashion sense either, maintaining the perfect balance between durability and style. 

This hat feels very lightweight, giving you maximum comfort throughout your hike and not leaving your head feeling overwhelmingly hot. Instead, you will barely even notice it’s there and will be easily cooled because of its breathability. 

StrongCore Merino Hoodie Sweater 

The Merino wool is really amazing—a light, thin material that wicks away moisture without absorbing it and resists odors. What that all means is this sweater is quite literally amazing and won’t overheat you during your hike. It is breathable and clings to your body in all the right places. 

Buying this sweater for your hike will keep you warm despite the cold rain that may hit you and can be kept on even if it’s sunny and a little warm outside. Plus, it’s a great item to own for your everyday closet because of its simple, yet classic style. 

Having a sweater is great for the in-between temperatures that may leave you unsure about what to wear. You can easily layer the sweater with the hooded jacket mentioned above or just with a plain t-shirt underneath. 

Hiking Can Be Comfortable 

It is now no secret that hiking outfits can be fashionable and comfortable while also maintaining durability. Western Rise offers tons of great options when it comes to clothes that can be worn during any season, any situation, anywhere, any time. When it comes to men’s fashion, Western Rise offers some of the highest quality products that minimize your closet. 

By having these items already available to you in your closet, you are minimizing the need to go shopping for specific events such as hiking. Western Rise allows for you to just have to do one shopping trip for all of your needs, no matter what they are. That means they can be worn to work or out on a date but can be also worn to the gym or on any hiking adventure you may endeavor upon. 

With this list and the other products Western Rise offers for hiking, you are ready to take on the world in comfort and style. Your versatile closet can lead you on great adventures and should be able to withstand whatever is thrown at you in the meantime. 



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