3 Best Moisture Wicking T-Shirts

3 Best Moisture Wicking T-Shirts

Every day as you go about life, you are subject to getting moisture on any part of your clothes at any time. It could be sweat from working out, it could be from the unexpected rain shower during a golf outing, it could be from your child spilling their drink on you. Life happens, but your clothes don’t have to always take a beating and get thrown out from all of this. 

Investing in moisture-wicking fabrics is a great way to ensure your clothes are lasting a long time, even if those spills keep happening. Western Rise is a great brand for high-quality fabrics that fight alongside you daily to wick away sweat and any other moisture you may be facing. This means you are fighting stains and keeping a lightweight fabric that doesn’t fully absorb moisture.

A good moisture-wicking shirt is lightweight and breathable so it won’t weigh you down while you are working out or just working. It also will regulate your body temperature overall because it is not holding in the moisture and keeping in the potential heat your body is giving off. 

These t-shirts are all made from special fabrics that are working to wipe away any of that pesky moisture you face daily without weighing you down in the process. Here are some of our favorite shirts that do just the trick from this year that we know you’ll love. 

1. StrongCore Merino Tee 

If you haven’t heard of Merino wool then let us introduce you. This wool is pretty amazing because of its super thin fibers that work to eliminate odors and wick away moisture as it comes. Merino wool is like the caviar of wool, you are ensuring the highest quality product when you purchase it. 

What is incredible about shirts that eliminate sweat odor and sweat alike is that they can be worn to any function. If you are a hiker, you can wear this as the perfect first layer and ensure a comfortable experience. You can wear it to the airport when you are going on vacation, on your daily runs, around the house, wherever you want, and feel confident that it will stay intact. 

The StrongCore Merino Tee is the perfect choice for your closet because it can be worn at literally any time. Because Merino wool is so fine, it also contours to your body and fits you like a glove. It really covers all of the bases, making it the perfect tee all around. 

Western Rise provides a fresh take on a classic, timeless piece of clothing by upgrading it with Merino wool. The wool makes the shirt feel extremely soft to the touch and is able to survive almost any weather that comes your way. If you are looking for a shirt that can be picked up off the floor and worn at any time, look no further. 

2. X Cotton Tee 

Another great option for a moisture-wicking tee is the X Cotton Tee. This tee is the perfect short-sleeved option for your everyday needs. Another tee that can be layered or worn on its own is something every man needs a few in his closet. 

With more sweat-wicking technology and odor resistance, this cotton-blend tee is the best option to minimize your wardrobe. If you stock up on a few colors in shirts that do the work for you, you will have no trouble matching them with any outfit you want to throw together. They are great for any occasion and feel super comfortable, just one of the many pluses to these tees.

This cotton tee is special because it is a bit thicker than normal cotton tees you’ll find thanks to Western Rise’s heavyweight knit and thick-cut. However, they maintain breathability so you can wear them during any time of year and still feel maximum luxury and comfort. With that being said, it is the best investment in your closet to buy products that will stay together. 

In the event that you get stuck in a rainstorm and your shirt gets soaking wet, you won’t need to worry with this cotton tee. The unique silver ion technology used in our clothing is used to make the shirt odor-resistant. It’s also great for moisture-wicking.

Moisture wicking means the shirt absorbs moisture from the skin and disperses it quickly through the fabric (so the fabric can dry quickly). This process helps cool the skin as it wicks sweat away.

3. Session Tee

We use a Japanese-made Delta-peak micro-mesh design with the Session Tee that makes it anything but ordinary. The Session fabric is made for high levels of activity and it won’t hold you back or weigh you down. The 100% polyester mesh provides a lightweight feel while actively fighting off moisture and odor that occurs during your workout. 

It is the perfect workout shirt because it is extremely stretchy and breathable so it can also easily be layered depending on the weather. You will barely notice anything is on you as you run or lift weights throughout your workout. Would you believe that it also won’t smell after you’re done? 

You can literally run into the ocean in this shirt and be astounded by how quickly you are completely dry afterward. With that in mind, this makes it the perfect shirt for any situation you may be facing. You can wear this shirt and know that it is going to stay in great condition no matter what happens. 

The Session Tee is a great purchase for not only your workouts but your everyday life. It will outlast almost any t-shirt in your collection and look like it was just purchased. 

Great Tees for Everyone 

Western Rise provides great tees for all your needs. By being breathable and lightweight, they also are great for any season. 

Having a collection of shirts that wick away moisture such as the ones above will ensure you years of happiness in your clothes. There’s no more worrying about the detriments of the environment on your shirts! You will love how Western Rise’s products withstand the test of time. 

With attention to the materials used for your basic clothing items, you are making sure that these items are staying with you over time. The other great thing about them is that they resist odors so you can really wear them multiple times in a row without smelling like you’ve worn them. It can truly be amazing what investing in quality can do for your closet. 

By using special technologies that are designed to make the fabric durable yet light, Western Rise is paying attention to detail for you. This means there’s a high standard held for comfort and durability while not sacrificing your sense of fashion. You can stock up on these t-shirts and ensure years of wear ahead of you, minimizing the need to shop for basics all the time. 

These tees are great for every man’s style and can be worn by themselves or layered for your comfort! 



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