2 Fabrics To Choose When Shopping for Travel Clothes

2 Fabrics To Choose When Shopping for Travel Clothes

Travelling can be an exhausting process that often leaves you looking and feeling disheveled after long periods of sitting in one place. 

Most of the time, you opt for an old t-shirt and pair of sweatpants as your travel outfit of choice because it is easier than wearing a nice outfit. Plus, your nicest outfits may wrinkle or shift during travel, leaving you looking tarnished upon arrival. You never know what is going to happen when you fly, and you just want to be comfortable during your journey. 

When it comes to shopping specifically for travel clothes, you should keep an eye out for items with maximum comfort levels and minimal effort. After all, it makes it so much easier to dress up for a flight when you are confident that your outfit will maintain its integrity throughout the day. It can be so stressful having to wear one outfit on a flight, then having to change into another because you have a meeting when you land. 

With all of these travel woes in mind, Western Rise offers clothes that maintain their amazing integrity throughout any event or itinerary. Many of our clothing options offer stain resistance and odor resistance as well. That way, you can look and smell like you just put a fresh outfit on, even after six hours on a train.

The beauty of Western Rise’s clothing is that it is high luxury and low maintenance, meaning it does not need to be washed immediately after wearing because of our attention to detail in choosing fabrics. 

Some of the best fabrics we use are perfect for travel purposes, and we want to help you travel in style and comfort. Let’s take a look at the best fabrics to wear when traveling, so you can ditch the iron. 


Nylon is a great fabric for wrinkle resistance because of its complex weave. At Western Rise, we offer a plethora of products that are blended with nylon for superior wrinkle resistance. 

Nylon blends also provide ample stretch. As you may know, nylon is a great material for workout clothes, so clothing items made with nylon are sure to feel comfortable and resist wrinkles as you travel. 

What Are the Best Nylon Options? 

One of the greatest options for travel pants we offer is the Diversion Pant, made out of a nylon blend. This blend is lightweight and breathable, giving you room as it regulates the temperature changes your body endures during travel. It has extra pockets as well, so it can replace your favorite work pants while remaining just as stylish as your favorite pair of khakis. 

If the weather is warmer where you are traveling—or it is simply the middle of summer—you may want to look at our Boundless Short. These shorts are made from a divine blend of nylon that provides that much-needed stretch and forgiveness while still looking presentable to elevate your airport style. These shorts are great for going anywhere at any time because they are an easy transitional piece that you can pair with outfits for any occasion. 

Wearing a fabric like nylon will give you maximum comfort while traveling and will resist wrinkles so you can go straight to a new destination with ease. For example, the Boundless Shorts have increased airflow that makes you feel comfortable and look amazing while you travel. This is why nylon is one of our favorite materials to blend into our clothing at Western Rise. 

Merino Wool 

Merino wool is an extremely versatile fabric, and it’s often praised because it easily returns to its natural shape after washing. 

Merino wool also happens to be one of Western Rise’s most beloved fabrics when making our clothes because it feels luxurious like cashmere while providing temperature regulation that keeps you comfortable. We use Merino wool that is finer than human hair, making it feel soft and luxe on your body as you travel. 

What Are the Best Merino Wool Options?

Merino wool is a wrinkle resistant material that will continue to keep you feeling good and looking put together as you go about your journey. Our StrongCore Merino Tee is the essential t-shirt to wear while traveling due to its ability to resist odors, stains, and wrinkles all in one. You can feel comfortable wearing a Merino wool blend shirt that feels incredibly soft to the touch, airy, and light. 

For the times when you get a little cold on a plane or just want a sweatshirt because it’s cold outside, our StrongCore Merino Hoodie is made out of this same beloved wool blend. The best part about the sweatshirt is that it traps air inside and insulates your body temperature in cooler weather. Meanwhile, it wicks away moisture and sweat in warmer months, drawing the water to the outside of the fabric and regulating your body temperature. 

It goes without saying that Merino wool is one of the most luxurious materials that do the most for your body. It will bring an added level of comfort to your trip without you even noticing, and it won’t pick up any of those airport smells that come with traveling. Instead, you'll have an outfit that you can wear multiple days in a row without needing a wash. 

Merino wool is the best material for travel because it is constantly working to make you comfortable. Hailed as one of the most versatile fabrics in the world, you will not regret choosing head-to-toe Merino wool for your travels. 

We’ve Got You Covered 

Whether it’s wool, nylon, or a blend of everything, Western Rise has you covered. We make clothes for men in any situation and make sure that those clothes hold up no matter where you roam. They are durable, comfortable, and stylish at the same time, making it easy for you to wear these travel-ready items to any event and look incredible. 

We recommend any of our Merino wool products or blends that include nylon for wrinkle-free traveling. However, doing research on the fabrics you are using can be incredibly helpful when finding pieces that suit your travel needs. By doing prior research, you can feel confident about your choices and get to where you need to go. 



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