What To Wear In 70 Degree Weather: 3 Stylish Outfits

What To Wear In 70 Degree Weather: 3 Stylish Outfits

Let’s face it, spring is fast approaching and before you know it, the ground will be thawing and the trees will start to bloom. We all look forward to warmer weather and the promise of summer but it can be extremely difficult to figure out what to wear during those months where it isn’t quite hot enough for shorts and a t-shirt. Even if it is hot enough during the day, you are almost guaranteed to be freezing by the time the sun goes down. 

Spring is the time you are going to want to pull out a travel lighter-weight jacket and pants that keep your legs warm but don’t make you sweat throughout the day. Finding versatile clothing items that can keep you cool when it’s hot out and warm when the breeze kicks in is difficult for anyone and you don’t want to carry a jacket around all day until you need it. Essentially, there are a ton of issues that come along with planning a proper outfit in the spring

No matter what season you are preparing for, Western Rise has you covered. Our products are meant to be versatile specifically for that reason: we know the difficulty men have with finding clothes for every situation. Our clothes mitigate the need for excessive shopping and stress about what to wear, we don’t want you to think about the weather too much when getting dressed in the morning. 

Some of our favorite pieces are great for that 70-degree weather that can turn at any time. It’s thanks to items like the Evolution Pant and the Limitless Button Down that we can confidently get through any weather in comfort and style. Here are some of the clothes that help us stay comfortable any time of year. 

1. Limitless Merino Button-Down Shirt 

The best spring clothing item is a button down shirt because you can roll up the sleeves when the weather is warm and still feel comfortable. Our version of the classic button down mixes the comfort of a t-shirt with the style of an Oxford button down for the ultimate shirt. This shirt proves that you can truly have it all.

Made with real Merino wool (wool that is finer than a strand of human hair and soft as cashmere), the Limitless Button Down will keep you warm and feel extremely soft when on. However, because the weave is so fine, you will find that the shirt is breathable and light so it won’t overheat you if the sun is out. 

This shirt is incredibly durable, resisting wrinkles that other button-downs tend to show after one wear, and has ample amounts of stretch throughout the entire shirt. The best part about it is that you can wear it to any sort of event on your calendar and still look great. Wear it to dinner with your friends one night and a hike through the hills in the morning and find how it works for both. 

2. Evolution Short 

Now, introducing the short that is meant for literally everything. This short can be worn in the water and has quick-drying properties that allow you to go straight to your next event in the same shorts. 70-degree weather is the ideal weather for a pair of shorts but these shorts go above and beyond just being a style choice

The Evolution Short is lightweight and made with durable nylon, which provides maximum comfort that makes these shorts great for exercising and movement while the clean fabric design of the shorts resembles your nicer khakis. The versatility is what will allow you to wear these shorts day after day without having to worry about the weather. 

A pair of shorts can be worn with a plain t-shirt and hat during 70-degree weather or add one of our favorite hoodies that customers love. By buying a few pairs of the Evolution Short, you are ensuring quality shorts that fit any circumstance. These shorts can withstand activity and movement without smelling like it. 

These shorts are a fan favorite because they also can be worn multiple times in a row without washing. This is thanks to the Supplex nylon technology that they are made with that resists moisture and stains, minimizing smells that would otherwise be picked up with daily wear. The Evolution Short is cut from the same fabric as our famous Evolution Pant so you know you are getting the best of the best. 

3. StrongCore Hoodie 

A lightweight, breathable hoodie is one of the best items to wear in 70-degree weather because it can be layered but won’t feel overwhelmingly hot. Our StrongCore Hoodie is incredibly soft and odor resistant so you can wear it every night and sweat in it and no one will ever know. Our sweatshirt sets itself apart from the others by resisting stains that would normally accumulate over a day’s wear and resemble a nice, wool sweatshirt. 

We love this hoodie because it is another elevated classic, nicer than your average sweatshirt but just as comfortable. All of our clothing items are takes on your classic go-to’s but with a little extra style and attention to the small details like odor resistance that make the biggest difference. It is also extremely soft to the touch so you will feel maximum amounts of comfort while still getting a breathable airflow. 

We like to layer this hoodie with a jacket in the winter months for an extra level of warmth but with the warmer weather, it is fine just on its own. If you throw this on top of a t-shirt or just by itself with shorts for the perfect spring outfit. It also can be worn with our favorite joggers for a warmer workout outfit if you go for a morning run and it just is a little too chilly out still. 

Regardless of the weather or your preferences, you will want to wear this hoodie daily. After all, we don’t sacrifice style or comfort so why should you? 

No Matter the Weather

With the change of seasons, Western Rise has you covered. Our entire clothing line is made to be worn during any season or type of weather that comes your way. We know how chaotic life can be and everything is ever-changing so your clothes should be prepared to handle it all. 

Western Rise offers tons of products that are enhanced versions of your go-to wardrobe items that can be worn multiple times in a row with minimal washing necessary. They stand the test of time by resisting stains and odors while remaining light and breathable for any weather. 

The spring can offer any type of weather, it can feel like both summer and winter on the same day and you will never know what to wear. Our biggest piece of advice is to wear breathable items that can be layered to your liking. Instead of bundling up in the mornings, wear a jacket with a plain cotton tee underneath and light joggers for example. 

There are plenty of transitional weather clothing items offered by Western Rise that will get you through these questionable weather conditions. It shouldn’t be too stressful for you to pick out what to wear in the mornings and we want to help you with that. 



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