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Posted on: 12/01/2021

What Is Moisture-Wicking?

If you’ve been hunting around the Western Rise website and have seen us bragging about moisture-wicking properties, you may not fully understand what is so great about it.
What Is Moisture-Wicking?

If you’ve been hunting around the Western Rise website and have seen us bragging about moisture-wicking properties, you may not fully understand what is so great about it. You may not know about the way moisture-wicking properties expel sweat and water from your clothes, causing them to dry extra quickly. Or that because the moisture is not absorbed, the bacteria and odor-causing particles that would normally linger are no longer there. 

Basically, what we are saying is that moisture-wicking properties in clothes are actually lifesavers that cause you to do less laundry and can be worn multiple times in a row without even looking, or smelling, different. Western Rise offers a ton of different clothing items that are made with moisture-wicking technology so your whole entire closet can be upgraded. 

Moisture-wicking properties are often found in poly fiber blends that expel water or sweat that enters your clothing, wicking it away once it hits the surface. Whereas a fabric like cotton will absorb up to 7% of its weight from moisture, making it an effective adsorbent, but will hold onto that moisture and any scents that come with it. 

Now that we have your attention, let us introduce you to the magic of moisture-wicking materials and why you need your entire closet to experience it. In the long run, you will save money and see why your clothes deserve to be durable, versatile, and fashionable. 

How It Works 

Normally, when you purchase an item made out of fabric, it is made out of a cotton blend or something similar. These fabrics absorb moisture and hang on to it, which is why you may notice it takes so long for your socks to dry if they get wet. This also means that by absorbing all of the moisture that comes its way, it is absorbing the odor particles that come alongside it. 

By using wicking fabrics like a polyester blend, they are able to absorb only 0.4% of their weight in moisture. So, technically it is not really absorbing at all, but pushing the moisture back toward the surface and evaporating. This is all thanks to a process called capillary action. 

Much like the capillaries in your body, these tiny pockets draw the sweat and moisture away from the skin and onto the fabric. This causes the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the material rather than the skin, making sure you aren’t feeling any discomfort from sweat. 

Once that moisture reaches the surface of the fabric, it spreads out quickly and evaporates even quicker. This causes you to barely hang onto any moisture that your body creates or that comes from outside factors. It also means that you are not absorbing all of the bacteria that comes from your sweat and causes you to have the lingering scent of body odor. 

Temperature Regulation for Athletes 

It is said that moisture-wicking clothing is the best for athletes and those with high activity levels, not just for the sweat resistance and odor-fighting properties, but also for the way that they regulate your body temperature for maximum comfort. There is nothing worse than overheating due to your clothing or even your socks because all of your body heat is being trapped inside. 

All of this can be avoided thanks to the moisture-wicking properties in clothes because of the polyester that keeps sweat away from your body. By wicking sweat away, your clothes are quickly evaporating the heat and excessive moisture that would try and cling to your body during a workout. In situations where there is high heat or humidity, you are bound to be sweating more but with better ventilation. In moisture wicking clothes you are ensuring a faster evaporation rate as well. 

It is especially essential to regulate your body temperature during exercise because your heart rate fluctuates so much. By having a ventilation system within your clothes, you are making sure that your heart rate is regulated by not overheating during your strenuous workout. 

This also means that your clothes feel lighter on your body during your workout because of the high-quality polyester fabric, almost feeling like an open weave letting air filter through. By wicking away moisture, it isn’t holding it in and weighing the fabric down with all of the moisture. Western Rise offers a great line of athletic wear from head to toe that will keep you feeling ventilated throughout your entire workout. 

Better for Your Skin

When you are working out often, you may notice that you are apt to acne breaking out on your body more. This could be because of the materials in your clothing that you are choosing to work out in. Since working out and producing sweat also means an increase in the number of bacteria produced, your shirt could be what is leading to the buildup of sweat in your pores that causes a breakout. 

When you are wearing a fabric that absorbs moisture rather than expels it from the surface, the material is absorbing everything including sweat and bacteria that meets it. By holding onto all of this, it is breaking down your skin and allowing for the bacteria to settle back into your pores. By choosing moisture-wicking properties in your clothing, you are reducing the risk of breaking out or irritating your skin no matter what you are doing. 

So, by wearing clothes that are ventilating and wicking away moisture, you are actually benefiting your skin. It is a great way to aid sensitive skin and fight pesky breakouts for those prone to body acne, which can be extremely tough to fight once it flares up. 

Luxury in Quality

While it is a mystery that not all clothes are made with moisture-wicking properties, Western Rise provides an entire wardrobe’s worth of clothes that do just that. You don’t have to scour the site to site for clothes that don’t absorb moisture and keep you properly ventilated throughout the day because they have it all right there. From socks to shirts, to sweatersWestern Rise has moisture-wicking clothing for every man. 

Moisture-wicking properties can help you build a closet full of essential pieces that fight odor and can be worn multiple times in a row, even if you’ve worked out in them. They are low maintenance while upholding the highest fashion standards and comfort levels. These are the clothes that are consistent even when your life is chaotic and ever-changing. 

Our versatile clothes can fit any situation for any man while maintaining those moisture-wicking properties that save your clothes from ruin. It is an investment into the longevity of your closet, able to be worn throughout any season and to any event that could happen in the future. Western Rise likes to think that our clothes will stick with you without any fuss or fight, think of us as a friend who is always there for you even when you aren’t thinking about us. 

So, what are you waiting for? Moisture-wicking properties are all over the place on the Western Rise website, and now that you know what all the excitement is about, you can share it with the entire world. 



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