Men's Five Pocket Pants vs. Other Types of Pants

Men's Five Pocket Pants vs. Other Types of Pants

Men’s pants can have many functions while still looking virtually the same to the naked eye. 

For example, you probably have a pair of pants designated as your “work pants,” but they seem no different from a normal pair of khakis to any other person. Still, you know that those work pants of yours often are made from a more durable fabric and include more pockets than your favorite pair of pants or slacks. 

Five pocket pants are incredibly necessary for the working man whose job demands a bit of movement or strain. Those extra pockets can be helpful for storage purposes alone. Meanwhile, the pants’ durability is equally important due to the wear and tear they endure each day. With all that said, many people still don’t know the difference between a regular pant and a five pocket pant. 

Luckily for you, Western Rise offers both regular and five pocket pants on our website, and we have compiled a beginner’s guide to men’s pants to help you choose a pant that will suit your needs. 

We will help you understand whether you need the extra durability and storage accessibility of five pocket pants. Either way, Western Rise makes pants that are fashionable and durable for every man’s needs. 

Five Pocket Pants: Their Benefits and Uses 

Five pocket pants are great for the working man, hikers, or outdoorsmen. This is because these pants are often made with more durable fabrics such as canvas, making them rugged enough to withstand anything that comes their way. 

These five pocket pant fabrics are often thicker and a little heavier because they are built to handle extreme conditions with little tarnish, making them amazing for people who may be moving around a lot outside. 

Standard five pocket pants (such as jeans) don’t wear down, rip holes, or collect stains and dirt the instant you step outside or spill something like standard pants might. You can wear them for a few days at a time, and you can have multiple pairs to last you throughout the workweek. These pants are often a necessity for people who work in jobs such as construction that require a lot of hands-on work that would otherwise destroy normal clothing. 

When buying five pocket pants, you want to research which fabrics are being used and how they will benefit you in the long run. Fabric will often determine how long these pants will last and how to care for them to support their longevity. By looking for fabrics that wick away moisture, resist stains, and combat odors while maintaining comfort, you are setting yourself up for success. 

What Are the Best Five Pocket Pants? 

Western Rise loves our version of the working five pocket pant because of their slim cut and dual fabric. Our dual fabric provides a canvas exterior and an internal material similar to sweatpants that makes them incredibly comfortable.

The Diversion Pant features a slimmer cut to be a bit more flattering than your standard five pocket pant. We offer all of these features in one pant that fights stains and odors to make them even longer-lasting, mitigating the need to wash them often. 

Our Diversion Pant is a fan favorite because we found a way to make your work pant look like a normal, everyday wear pant. This means you don’t have to buy extra pants unnecessarily. In other words, we want you to only need a few pairs of pants for all occasions, so we made it possible for you to have it all without compromising style or comfort. 

We also offer another slim-cut five pocket pant option: the AT Pant. The AT Pant is another pair that look stylish but can be worn in place of your khakis or your sturdy work pants. These pants astonish buyers because of their similarity to any normal pair of fashionable corduroys or khaki pants you would wear out on the weekends, combined with the functionality and durability of the five pocket work pants we all know and love. 

Made with a material that is five times stronger than normal denim, the AT Pant is virtually indestructible. These pants are ready for whatever life brings your way while offering maximum comfort levels. 

What About Other Types of Pants? 

Now that we’ve established what five pocket working pants are and the great things they do, it’s time to talk about the other types of pants available to you. From khakis to jeans to corduroys, every man has countless pant options. 

Life can be unpredictable, and so can the weather. You often don’t have a ton of time to stop home and change if you spill on your pants or it suddenly begins to rain. Regardless of what type of pants you chose that day, we recommend buying pants are made out of well-researched fabrics to ensure premium quality. 

At Western Rise, we create pants that can be worn during any event and uphold maximum levels of comfort and style. With luxurious fabrics like Merino wool and advanced technologies like DeltaPeak, our clothes are made with you in mind. The fabrics we use resist odors and often work to prevent stains and wick away moisture so that you can wear them day in and day out without it smelling like it. 

When you shop for pants, you often have to purchase specific ones for every occasion because different pants have different purposes. However, at Western Rise, we have completely minimized this issue for you by creating pants that are both durable and comfortable while still remaining stylish and flattering. This means that you don’t necessarily have to shop for separate workout pants, work pants, and normal lounge pants because one pair satisfies all of those needs for you. 

Pants for Every Man 

Whether it is our extra durable five pocket work pants, a pair of joggers for your winter workouts, or shorts that can be worn swimming or out on the weekends, Western Rise has the options you need. 

Our pants are offered in various styles and colors that you can wear anywhere without ever having to change your outfit. We never want you to worry about finding items that will withstand your ever-changing lifestyle.

Much of Western Rise’s website offers great pant options for any need, but one of their main attractions is that they easily transition from work to home life. This makes your wallet happier because you no longer have to spend so much money on clothing that doesn’t last. 

While the five pocket pants are great for those who need a little extra support or spend a lot of time outdoors, we made a pair that can easily transition from workplace to weekend, so you don’t have to buy two separate pairs. Long gone are the days where you had to break the bank for a pair of pants dedicated solely to work, thanks to some of our most popular styles from Western Rise. 



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