Best Cold Weather Clothing Brands For This Season

Best Cold Weather Clothing Brands For This Season

Winter can be such a fun time. You can go skiing or do other outdoor winter sports and activities, and there are snowball fights to be had. Still, the weather is getting much colder, so you’ll want to stay warm when you are outside. 

Finding clothes that keep you from getting wet from the snow can be extremely difficult. Many of your winter outfits can make you feel suffocatingly hot indoors, then leave you feeling chilled to the bone when you are out in the snow. 

Western Rise knows this struggle well. We pay attention to the details when creating our favorite winter clothing items. The secret is in the fabrics we choose and the materials we use to create our best temperature regulating options for the winter months. Our clothing is extremely versatile and can easily replace many of your old winter pieces. 

We’ve prioritized comfort through fabrics like our luxurious Merino wool blends that regulate your body temperature and resist odors. This wool is extremely comfortable on your body because it insulates heat like a cashmere sweater, and it regulates your temperature before you start overheating. Instead, you are aware of how comfortable you are outside and in. 

By paying attention to all of those details when designing these products, Western Rise created great winter clothing options that look equally as stylish as your normal clothes. However, this time, your clothes are working overtime to maintain their integrity and stay versatile. 

Merino Wool Is Winter’s Best Friend 

Since we have already started raving about how amazing Merino wool is, it’s only right that we start with an overview of this lovely fabric. 

Merino wool is a wrinkle-resistant fabric that regulates your body temperature while keeping you warm and toasty in the colder months. It resists odors and stains as well, all while wicking away moisture from the surface so that it won’t hang onto water that your clothing would usually absorb. 

While average wool is itchy and a bit uncomfortable, Merino wool is finer than regular wool, so it feels incredibly soft to the touch. Because Merino wool is so thin and fine, it is also more pliable to work with, meaning you won’t feel that pesky itch. It is also highly absorbent, and it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before you start feeling wet.

By storing moisture in its fibers, you will feel an instant cooling sensation on your skin once the moisture begins to evaporate. This is because the moisture is coming to the surface of the clothing instead of weighing down your clothes. 

Merino wool is popular in many clothing items, including socks and tights, basics like t-shirts and shorts, underwear, and outerwear such as jackets. 

However, it is also used for all winter clothing items because it keeps people warm and comfortable throughout the day. This is because Merino wool is one of the best insulator fabrics on the market right now, so that you can be confident you are making the right decision with your purchase. 

The greatest part about Merino wool is that it is odor resistant due to its antimicrobial properties. Because the wool manages moisture so well and works to get rid of it quickly, the bacteria from your sweat and skin have nowhere to grow and linger. This allows the material to fight any odors from wearing clothes for a long period. 

Western Rise has an entire line of clothing that features this amazing, miracle-working Merino wool. Whether it’s boxers, a hoodie, a t-shirt, or even socks, we know that you will want to wear this wool at all times. You truly can dress head to toe in this fine wool and be confident that you will feel your most comfortable and most stylish this winter in this luxurious material we love. 

You’ll Love Our Quick Drying Fabrics

If you are shopping for winter clothes and you can’t even begin to think about where to start, look no further than Western Rise. Our clothes offer quick-drying properties that all winter clothing should have to keep your body temperature regulated, so you feel warm during the winter. 

Quick-drying fabrics are great because they constantly work to remove excess moisture, like the snow melting on you. By finding quick-drying clothing options, you mitigate the need for a clothing change after you go outside and ensure that you will stay warm. 

The best quick-drying fabrics are nylon, polyester, and Merino wool, which happen to be some of Western Rise’s most popular choices. As a good way to test if something is quick-drying, you should know that quick-drying clothing should be completely dry if hung out overnight. 

Our AirLoft Hooded Jacket is perfect for the winter because it is water-resistant and versatile, meaning you can wear it in the winter, spring, or fall and feel great. This jacket is something to brag about because it does it all: it resists stains, resists odors, provides a light and breathable feel tested by athletes, and has plenty of room for storage while being easy to layer over other clothing. 

It is the staple winter jacket because it isn’t overbearing and won’t cause you to overheat in a panic the minute you step inside. This is thanks to the temperature regulating technology used in the material that keeps an even airflow, whether you are on a run outside or having a snowball fight. The polyester blend is also wrinkle-resistant so that it maintains the integrity we all want in our clothes. 

Winter Should Be Comfortable

Overall, you should be confident that your winter clothes won’t backfire and make you uncomfortable once you step outside. If you are on the hunt for winter clothing that works to make you look and feel good, look no further than Western Rise. We offer tons of great options at affordable prices for any event. 

Whether it be Merino wool, Polyester blends, or even spandex, our clothes are great for all seasons, thanks to the incredibly versatile fabrics we’ve chosen. So, when it comes to winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can be confident that you have the right clothes for the changing seasons. 

When shopping for the winter, think about the materials used in your clothes and do some research. Western Rise can help you do that research with our helpful blog posts, and we put in the time to make sure our products stay true to their word. 



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