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Posted on: 11/02/2021

Mens Closet: 3 Closet Essentials for Men

It goes without saying that you want your clothing to be durable and fashionable while upholding quality overall.
Mens Closet: 3 Closet Essentials for Men

It goes without saying that you want your clothing to be durable and fashionable while upholding quality overall. However, finding those pieces can be extremely difficult and often leaves you empty-handed. You find yourself turning to your old, ratty t-shirts at the bottom of your drawer that smell a little off. 

Investing in high-quality essentials is something that can be very beneficial for your quality of life. Having solid t-shirts, pants, and jacket options in your wardrobe can set you up for success when getting dressed. You can dress these essentials up or down and pair them with almost anything in your closet. 

By purchasing a solid set of essentials, you are making sure you have the basics of fashion within your closet. But you want those items to last long and do not get ruined over time, which means you need to find those pieces that can withstand your lifestyle. We know how hard that can be, but at  Western Rise, we make it easy for you to do all of your shopping in one place.

High-quality performance materials ensure that your clothes are lasting as long as they possibly can, which your wallet will thank you for. Here are a few closet essentials for men that will provide a solid foundation for your wardrobe.

1. Pants That Evolve With You 

We all know the pain of pants that develop holes in the inseam over time or rip at the earliest inconvenience. Pants that look great when they’re on but one go through the laundry and they are never the same. We mitigate this problem with our Evolution Pant, so versatile and durable that you will get years out of them. 

These pants are everyone’s go-to pants for a reason. They are extremely lightweight thanks to their unique Supplex nylon fabric, meaning they are stretchy yet strong enough to last any circumstance. You can wear these pants literally anywhere and do almost anything in them and they will still be good as new. 

The Evolution Pant is sturdy yet feels very light on your body so you will barely notice that they are on thanks to the stretchy Supplex nylon. Customers have boasted wearing these pants while golfing, working in construction, or even traveling and reported a heightened sense of comfort. The best part is they are stain proof so you don’t have to worry about accidents happening and having to change. 

Another great thing about these pants is that they have an ample amount of pockets, even some that are secure and hidden. You can use these pants for many different situations and still have secure storage space for items such as your phone or wallet. They also keep you warm when it is colder out, fight off moisture, and are breathable so they can be worn during any season.

A pair of solid pants like these will fight alongside you every day you wear them instead of working against you. By stocking up on a couple of pairs, you can mix and match them for any event you have and uphold your style as well. Having a versatile pair of pants can take you a long way and save you a lot of worry about what to wear. 

2. A Henley A Day… 

Henley tees are a great staple item for every man’s closet. They can be paired with a nice pair of shorts for an everyday look or thrown under a flannel for a cozy look. A henley is a way to elevate your look by avoiding the basic tee and adding a bit of flair to your outfit. 

We offer henley’s cut from thick cotton that fight moisture and odor as you wear it. So by wearing these high-quality basic items, you are actually erasing the idea that you have to worry about odors you may pick up throughout the day. We know everything that can be picked up by a shirt as you go about your day but if you invest in the right materials you won’t have to worry about it again. 

Henley’s are great essentials because you can truly wear them with anything. Pair them with the Evolution Pant and you have an awesome base for any outfit- you can dress them up with a blazer or wear it as-is for your everyday life. They can be worn during any season, even during an outdoor run in the winter, making them extremely versatile

Our clothing mitigates the need for washing your clothes after every wear. You can wear these items multiple times in a row without noticing due to their high-quality material that wicks sweat and fights odor. It literally looks like you never wore it at all and don’t worry; we won’t tell if you won’t. 

3. Shirt Jackets All the Way

The final item you absolutely need in your closet is the shirt jacket. A shirt jacket can be worn at all times and goes with any outfit. Layer it with a hoodie underneath during the winter months or just with a shirt and shorts when it gets warmer. Truly, these “shackets” are amazing, and having a durable one can last you years. 

With Western Rise’s AirLoft Shirt Jacket, you are getting packable insulation that dries quickly and feels amazing. It has a four-way stretch fabric that contours to your body and doesn’t weigh you down like other jackets might. 

A shirt jacket like this one looks a bit more elevated, a bit nicer than any other shirt jacket you may pick up. By having such an elevated-looking product, you are ensuring that you can wear this jacket to any function and not look under or overdressed. It also survives a traveling lifestyle, making sure you are breathing easy underneath it. 

Light, breathable jackets that still keep you warm when it is cold out are rare, that much we know. Western Rise ensures that you can really have it all when it comes to a versatile clothing item. Customers are obsessed with the way you can wear the shirt jacket during any season and to any event. 

Invest in You 

Stocking your closet with quality essentials that work in any season can be highly beneficial to yourself and your bank account. You won’t have to worry about seasonal shopping or finding clothes that look good on you if you have a great closet filled with essentials. By researching what materials work best for your body, Western Rise makes quality essential shopping easy and even a little bit fun.

Their lightweight fabrics are unique because they work for you constantly, fighting off any outside materials that would tarnish your clothes normally. Instead, you can carry about your day as you normally would without having to constantly worry about the state of your clothes. You will always look put together with these quality basic items that last you throughout any season.

We know how difficult and intimidating shopping can be when you have no idea what to look for or where to look. You want items that are easy to throw on and aren’t too fussy with your busy lifestyle, well look no further. Western Rise prioritizes comfort and durability over anything else, while still maintaining a fashionable look. 



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