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Professional Hobo (Brand)

Traveling Salseros (Evolution Pant, Active Collection)

Everyday Wear (Spectrum Jogger, Session Tee)

Luxe Digital (Active Collection)

Always Wander (Session Tee, Movement Short)

Packing Less (Movement ShortSpectrum Jogger, Session Tee)

Everyday Wear
(Movement Short)

Odie Matthews
(Active Collection)

Delta Grade
(Active Collection)

Gear Junkie
(Evolution Pants - Best Overall Travel Pant)

Gadget Explained (At Slim Pants and X-Cotton Tee)

Gear Patrol
(Active Collection)

(Active Collection) 

 (Active Collection)

(Evolution Pants and Limitless Merino Wool Button-Down)

The Style Guide (Evolution Pants) 

The Coolector (Evolution Pants) 

Traveling Salseros
(StrongCore Merino Tee & Limitless Merino Polo)

Busted Wallet
(At Slim Pants, Limitless Merino Wool Button-Down, StrongCore Merino Hoodie Sweater, StrongCore Merino Tee)

Everyday Wear (StrongCore Merino Crew Socks)

Pack Hacker (Brand)

Always Wander (Limitless Merino Button Down)

Chase Reeves (Diversion Pants & Limitless Merino Button Down)

Packing Less (Diversion Pant, Limitless Merino Button Down)

Well Built Style (Limitless Merino Button Down)

Traveling Salseros (Airlight Button-Down Shirt)

Everyday Wear (Diversion Pant & Limitless Button-Down and Polo)

Mens Journal
(Limitless Merino Polo)

Carryology (TechWool Flannel) 

Loop Hole Travel (Diversion Pants, Limitless Merino Button Down & Polo)

Alex Kwa (Diversion Pant) & (StrongCore Tee

Gear Patrol
(Diversion Pant)

(Diversion Pant)

Everyday Wear
(X-Cotton Tee)

Trail & Kale (AT Slim Pants, Airloft Quilted Jacket, TechWool Flannel)

Carryology (Evolution Pants/One Bag Travel)

Textile Insight (Design/Materials)

Packing Less (Evolution Pants)

Traveling Salseros (AT Slim Pants) 


Everyday Wear (TechWool Flannel)

The Style Guide (TechWool Flannel)

Alex Kwa (Evolution Pants)

Afar Magazine
(Evolution Pants)

Everyday Wear (Airloft Quilted Jacket)

Acquire Mag (TechWool Flannel)

Packing Less (TechWool Flannel) / Packing Less (Airlight Button Down)

Alex Kwa (AT Slim Pants)

Gearmoose (Airloft Quilted Jacket) (Brand)

Telluride TV (Interview with our CEO, Kelly Watters)

Tread Magazine Sept.- October - Print - (Evolution Pants)

Carryology - 2019 Carry Award Winner - Best Travel Clothing (Evolution Pants)

Indiegetup (Brand)

Everyday Wear (AirLight Short Sleeve Shirt)

Hi-Consumption (AT Slim Pant)

CO Yoga + Life (AT Slim Pant) 

Gear Patrol (AT Slim Pant)

The Manual
 (Limitless Merino Wool Shirt) / The Manual (AirLight Button-Down Shirt)

Gear Junkie (Evolution Pant)

Loophole Travel (Evolution Pant, Boundless Short, DryKnit Sun Hoodie, and Limitless Merino Wool Shirt)

Chase Reeves - (AirLoft Quilted Jacket)

Everyday Wear
 (Evolution Pants) / Everyday Wear (Liberated Hemp Band-Collar Shirt) 

One Tech Traveller / One Tech Traveller (AirLight Western Shirt)

Carryology (DryWeight Merino Tee) / Carryology (Evolution Pant) / Carryology (AirLight Short Sleeve Shirt)

Outside Online (AirLoft Quilted Jacket)



Men's Journal Print September

One Cut Reviews (Alloy Chino Pant)

Gear Patrol (Alloy Chino Pant)

Outside (X Cotton Stretch Oxford) 

Gear Patrol (AT Slim Pant)

Red Clay Soul (AT Limitless Short)

Gear Junky 


The Manual (AT Slim Pant)

Camber Outdoors

LifeHacker (Evolution Pant)

Product Hype (Evolution Pant)

That Dope (Evolution Pant)

Carryology (Evolution Pant) / Carryology (StrongCore Merino Socks)

Trend Hunter (Evolution Pant)

Bless This Stuff (Evolution Pant)

Gear Junkie (Evolution Pant)

The Coolector (Evolution Pant)

Freeskier (Evolution Pant)

Gear Patrol (AT Slim Pant)


Outside (Icon Camp Hat) 

Wall Street Journal


Life Hacker

Free Skier

Oneupped Mag

Backpacking Light

The Manual 

Snarky Nomad

Packing Light

Loophole Travel


The Coolector / The Coolector

Gear Moose

Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol

Gear Junkie


Adventure Journal


Choose Colorado



Active Junky

Blue Ridge Outdoors


SGB Media

The Manual

Just a Colorado Gal

Gear Moose


Gear Junkie


Backpacker Magazine

Outside Magazine Summer Buyer's Guide

Outside / Outside / Outside / Outside / Outside / Outside

The Drive / The Drive

Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol / Gear Patrol

Inside Hook


Angling Trade

Kayak Angler

Gink & Gasoline

Gear Minded

GrindTV / GrindTV

The Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast

The Coolector / The Coolector

Ursa Major

The Two Pines

That's Dope

Oh Pioneer

Outdoors 30 Under 30

The Kid Project



Outside Magazine / Outside Magazine / Outside Magazine / Outside Magazine

Gear PatrolGear Patrol 


Cool Hunting

Gear Institute

Tomboy Style

The Field Mag

Inside Hook / Inside Hook

Urban Daddy

Powder Magazine

GrindTV / GrindTV / GrindTV

Lumbar Jac / Lumbar Jac

Dirtbag Darling

Field & Stream

American Angler

Kayak Angler 


Hatch Magazine

The Fiberglass Manifesto / The Fiberglass Manifesto / The Fiberglass Manifesto

Angling Trade / Angling Trade

The Coolector / The Coolector 


Topline Magazine

Curbed Ski


Gear Grounds / Gear Grounds

Venture Out

The Outbound Collective

Ursa Major


Press Releases

The Evolution Pant, Performance Pants for Travel, Outdoor and Every Day, Quadruples Crowdfunding Campaign Goal in less than 24 Hours

Western Rise Introduces The Evolution Pant – Sustainable Ethically-made, Performance Pants for Travel, Outdoor and Every Day

Western Rise enters the 5% | Names Co-founder Kelly Watters new CEO

Western Rise® Establishes New Studio Line — Limited Edition, Crowdfunded, Small Batch Technical Clothing

Western Rise Launches the Granite Camp Pants 2.0A Technical, Style-Driven All Mountain Pant

Western Rise Launches 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Western Rise, Mountain Apparel Company, Launches Inaugural Line