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Posted on: 01/09/2022

The Best Guide on What To Wear Kayaking

Western Rise makes clothes for any situation, so your next kayaking trip won’t include stress over making the right wardrobe choices.
The Best Guide on What To Wear Kayaking

If you are an avid kayak enthusiast or are thinking about taking your first kayaking trip, you probably know the struggle to find an outfit durable enough for the water. 

Most clothing items made for water activities still leave you soaking wet for hours after your trip, and you are extremely uncomfortable the moment water touches your clothes. If you are choosing to kayak when the weather isn’t warm and sunny, you often are left cold and uncomfortable, thanks to the subpar clothing options available. 

Instead of buying athletic wear that you find at the store last minute, we recommend doing your research and finding sportswear that is made to last. Western Rise makes clothes for any situation, so your next kayaking trip won’t include stress over making the right wardrobe choices. Our options are great because of the quick-drying and odor-resistant properties made for a man on the go like yourself. 

The main issue kayakers have when going on a trip is that their clothes will inevitably get soaking wet. Bringing a change of clothing can be extremely annoying for men who are constantly moving because you typically want to pack as lightly as possible. 

Much of the athletic wear on the market seems to cling to the water that touches it, weighing you down. Thankfully, Western Rise has fixed the problem. 

Evolve Your Style 

With special attention to detail, Western Rise knows what sets good athleticwear apart from great athleticwear. Our brand offers stylish options for every man that can be worn while kayaking then out to dinner afterward with no need to change. 

Find your perfect kayaking outfit at Western Rise alongside any of your other needs. 

The Evolution Short 

Let us introduce you to one of our best selling styles that can be your new best friend: the Evolution Short

The Evolution Shorts are great for any occasion, but in this case, we are focusing on their benefits for kayaking. These shorts look like your favorite pair of nice khakis without mitigating style or comfort, but they double as swim trunks. 

Long gone are the days when you have to wear your swim trunks under your shorts in case you get wet or go in the water. Thanks to their Nylon blend, these shorts are ready for any circumstance and will dry super quickly. 

Not only are these shorts able to dry at insanely fast speeds, but they are also lightweight and breathable so that they won’t weigh you down during your trip. The best part about these shorts is that they feel amazing when you are wearing them, and they won’t ride up or make you uncomfortable while you are kayaking.

You shouldn’t have to worry about how your clothes are hanging in while you are going on a kayaking trip, or any trip at all for that matter. That is why we made these shorts so that they can last alongside you. 

The Evolution Pant 

We have good news if you are kayaking during the colder months or just want your legs to be covered during your journey. 

Western Rise also offers The Evolution Pant made from the same fabric and technologies as our Evolution Short so that you can bring one of each on your trip and feel confident that you are ready for anything. Buying these bottoms ensures that you have fashionable, comfortable options that withstand any circumstance. 

Another great part about the Evolution line is that they are odor resistant, so they fight to eliminate the bacteria that normally is picked up from sweat and other outside factors. This bacteria normally causes you to smell long after your workout. 

Instead, feel confident in the fact that you can wear these bottoms to any event—a workout, a date, a meeting, or all three in one day—and smell like you just washed them. Get them wet, let them dry, sweat in them, and see for yourself. 

Session Tee 

Since we have your new favorite pants for your kayak trip, it’s time to pick out a shirt that will give you the same benefits and feel extra lightweight. 

Our Session Tee is one of many great workout shirt options on Western Rise’s site, but there is a reason we chose this specific one for kayaking. This tee was made with strenuous activity in mind, so it has a micro-mesh blend that regulates your body temperature, prevents stains, and resists odors as you wear it. 

The Session Tee is great for any activity, but we know how hard kayaking can be on your clothing and body. With the quick-drying technology we used, you guarantee that any sweat or water that touches you will feel like it’s evaporating almost instantly. We made this shirt with Japanese DeltaPeak technology to feel light on your body even when water is trying to cling to you. 

StrongCore Merino Socks 

This may be a no-brainer, but we strongly recommend that you stop and think about what your socks could be doing for you during your kayaking workouts. 

Most socks are made from cotton and hold onto moisture, leaving them wet and heavy for maybe days after your trip. Our Merino wool socks are made to regulate temperature and dry quickly, making them perfect for a kayaking adventure. When you are out kayaking and your feet get wet, you can stay comfortable during your trip. 

The Merino wool used in this sock gives it a super luxurious, cushioned feel that provides much-needed support and comfort. They also resist any odors that come their way so that you won’t have to worry about your feet smelling for days after wearing wet socks. 

With such amazing technologies used in their creation, Western Rise wants to make sure you only need to pack one pair of socks to get you through an entire trip. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Because these socks fight odors and absorb less moisture overall, they maintain their integrity throughout your entire journey. You won’t have to wash them as much because they don’t hold onto smells, giving you another way to pack light. 

Kayak in Comfort 

While kayaking can be an extremely fun experience, you want to make sure you are comfortable in the process and not worrying about your clothes. Western Rise made sure to keep this in mind when creating our clothes for all men. Our clothes set themselves apart from others because they truly can fit any occasion with style and ease. 

We make it possible for you to pack lightly for any trip because our clothes fight off outside factors like dampness, wrinkles, and smells. Instead, find simplicity in the fact that Western Rise has you covered for any situation.



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