What Is a Hybrid Short & Why You Need a Pair

What Is a Hybrid Short & Why You Need a Pair

It comes as no surprise that hybrid shorts are being talked about more and more, but a lot of people may not know what they really are. Hybrid shorts are quickly rising in popularity due to their versatility and quick-drying properties. The beauty of hybrid shorts is that you can wear them as board shorts or as regular shorts, mitigating the need for buying separate pairs of swim trunks and shorts.

Hybrid shorts look like your favorite pair of regular old shorts but can be worn in the water. These shorts are extremely quick-drying, so you don’t have to change your clothes after you go swimming in them. They are super versatile shorts that are changing the shopping game. 

By buying a pair of hybrid shorts, you are essentially saving yourself money on buying separate pairs of board shorts, workout shorts, and regular walking shorts. They can be styled to wear with a button down or simply just worn out into the ocean if you want. That makes them the perfect one-bag travel clothes item for the summer trip.  Either way, a pair of hybrid shorts is a great way to save money and feel comfortable that your clothes are ready for literally anything.

Board Shorts vs. Walking Shorts 

Before you embark on buying a pair of hybrid shorts, it’s important to know the difference between the two pairs of shorts that make the hybrid shorts. Essentially, board shorts are ones that are your normal swim trunks which are made to get wet and dry quickly. Walking shorts are the shorts you wear out to dinner or when hanging out with your friends. 

Board shorts are normally made out of a polyester or nylon blend fabric material. These fabrics are super durable and have moisture-wicking properties in them that allow for a quick drying time after you’ve been submerged in water. They are also made with more durable fabric to endure contact with your surfboard and are super lightweight as the water can make your clothes feel heavier. 

One downside of board shorts is that their fabric may not offer a ton of stretch or give. You will often find this material in men’s jackets and board shorts. However, they are the best for quick-drying shorts that won’t hold onto the moisture and weigh you down when it impacts your clothing. The hybrid short was created to solve all of your shorts issues at once. 

Walking shorts are shorts that you are not as comfortable getting wet in but are equally as comfortable and great for everyday situations like going out with friends. Most men’s shorts are made with a cotton blend that makes them feel extremely lightweight and comfortable when wearing them. Another very common fabric to see in these blends is polyester, which can be great for adding stretch. 

What Is a Hybrid Short? 

A hybrid short combines both factors of walking shorts and board shorts that you know and love. This means that a hybrid short is made out of materials that can withstand high volumes of water and dry accordingly but still looks refined like a walking short. Having hybrid shorts means you don’t have to plan for a change of clothes as often as if you would with having different shorts for different occasions. 

The materials used in hybrid shorts also are so unique because they provide a four way stretch. This makes them light and breathable but also comfortable to wear at any other time to any event. Hybrid shorts give you a full range of motion because they stretch up and down as well, so you will never feel restricted by a hybrid short. 

On top of all this, the materials used in hybrid shorts are extremely durable and long-lasting so you are getting maximum usage out of them. They require minimal care because they fight odors and wick away moisture, meaning you won’t have to wash them as often because they won’t smell or look like they’ve been worn. Over time, you are saving money by purchasing hybrid shorts because they are good at keeping their condition and returning back to their natural state after you wear them. 

The breathability of the fabric is also a bonus because you won’t sweat through your clothes when it is hot out. Because the fabric is so lightweight, they will absorb moisture from sweat and outside sources and keep sweat away from your body during exercise. However, they won’t hold onto the sweat. Rather, they expel it to the surface and spread it thin so it will evaporate incredibly fast. 

Some hybrid shorts have extra technologies used that repel water from the surface immediately. What ultimately sets board shorts apart is their functionality, they appear nicer than a board short so you can wear them to literally any function you want. Hybrid shorts are offered in all sorts of colors and patterns as well to match your style. 

With optimal, secure storage in pockets and so many benefits, the hybrid short should be on your next shopping list. 

Western Rise’s Evolution Short Is the Ultimate Hybrid Short 

When it comes to searching for the perfect pair of hybrid shorts for men, the Evolution Short by Western Rise has all you need. Made from 96% nylon, these shorts are water resistant and made to last through swimming, hiking, and lounging around. 

Western Rise uses a polyester fabric found in Japan that has a dense, durable outer shell that resists wrinkles, moisture, and odor that makes it perfect fabric for travel clothes. The durable exterior also inhibits snagging and other natural causes that may tarnish your clothing over time. This makes them even longer lasting than your classic pair of hybrid shorts. 

Since the Evolution Short is extremely lightweight, it makes them good for packing away in luggage and an essential part of summer travel wardrobe. They will maintain their natural state very well and won’t require a lot of excessive care after you unpack like steaming or ironing. These shorts were created with movement in mind, so they are super lightweight and breathable for maximum performance. 

The flat weave of the shorts is what gives them ample amounts of stretch and the ability to resist stains and odors while also having quick-drying properties. This way, you can go swimming for a few hours and be dry by the time you go to dinner afterward. Owning these hybrid shorts saves you a lot of time and energy on deciding what to wear, allowing you to pack super lightly if you are going on vacation. 

What makes these shorts indestructible is their bonded seams that give you more stretch and render them virtually indestructible. They have a mesh flow through the pockets along with a drawstring. 

The hybrid short combines all of your favorite qualities in a pair of shorts and puts them all in one. Overall, hybrid shorts will save you money and last you a long time because of their attention to detail in the fabrics they are made out of. Western Rise offers hybrid shorts that are equally fashionable and practical. 


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