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Posted on: 07/30/2023

Are Merino Wool T-Shirts Good?

Merino wool is a fan favorite among buyers and sellers alike because it can elevate any product and is long-lasting. 
Are Merino Wool T-Shirts Good?

Merino wool is an incredibly soft, luxurious-feeling fabric that makes its claim to fame by being a moisture-resistant, temperature-regulating version of wool. It is the perfect balance between wool and cashmere, taking qualities that you love from both and combining them into the most versatile fabric in the world. Merino wool is a fan favorite among buyers and sellers alike because it can elevate any product and is long-lasting. 

The wool is made out of fine fibers that are thinner than a strand of human hair, which is what makes the fabric feel so lightweight. However, they are crimped at the end and link together when knit to make it a strong fabric that can withstand a lot. This crimping at the end also allows for the fabric to trap in the air to cool your body down. 

Western Rise loves to use Merino wool because there are a ton of benefits, but one of the main ones is that it can really withstand anything. It does a great job maintaining its natural state so you can wear it over and over. Merino wool is an amazing option for everyone because it is low maintenance and can be worn during any season, making it perfect for year-round usage. 

Wearing Merino Wool for Exercise and Everything Else 

Merino wool is ideal for someone who likes to work out a lot or plays sports, essentially for the highly-active individual because of its ability to push moisture to the surface. When moisture hits the wool, instead of absorbing it, it makes an effort to repel the moisture and spread it evenly over the surface so it can evaporate. This makes the wool dry a lot faster than something that holds onto the moisture, such as fabrics like cotton. 

Because Merino wool is great at resisting moisture, it also makes it odor-resistant. This is because there is nowhere for odor-causing bacteria to fester and grow if there is no moisture inside the fabric. If a material is dry more than it is wet, it won’t give the bacteria an opportunity to spread throughout the clothing and you won’t smell. 

This means you can wear Merino wool during workouts and for days at a time without smelling like it. It makes this material perfect for athletes and highly active individuals because they are able to wear it without having to change afterward. This is almost unbelievable, considering you may be so used to having to change multiple times a day. 

Western Rise proves that Merino wool is able to maintain its natural state longer than most fabrics. Since it is equally strong and soft, the shirt is great for exercise or day-to-day wear around the house. It is meant to last alongside your lifestyle, showing you that your clothes don’t have to be a nuisance in your routine. 

Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry to the touch. To put it in perspective, cotton can hold up to 100% of its weight but it does not feel dry, making the wool more effective at repelling water to the service. Even though Merino wool absorbs some of its weight in water, it won’t feel as wet for long because it absorbs so much less and works to push that water to the surface and evaporate in no time. 

Since the crimps in the wool make air pockets in the material, it makes the clothing temperature regulate by cooling you with the air trapped inside. This makes it really comfortable to work out in Merino wool clothing because it works on cooling you and giving you space to breathe due to stored air. Other materials may not do the same because they don’t have the structure to store air. 

StrongCore Merino Tee

It’s no longer a question of whether or not Merino wool t-shirts are good for everyone, they are considered the most versatile fabric in the world for a reason. Western Rise prides ourselves in using top-quality fabrics that will make you feel comfortable while maintaining themselves so you don’t have to. This means you don’t have to put in a ton of work washing our clothing or fussing around with it in general because the quality is so high. 

Our StrongCore Merino Tee is no exception to that statement because it stays dry longer, resists scents, and picks up your sweat smell throughout the day. It can be worn multiple times without washing. This can be especially useful for someone who goes on vacations and likes to pack light or is going on a hiking trip where you may not have a lot of room to pack extra clothes. 

This t-shirt comes in the form of a long-sleeved shirt as well so you can wear them during any season. They are also layerable, so you can layer sweatshirts and jackets on top of it during the colder months. However, they look just as good by themselves with a pair of shorts and sneakers during a workout. 

Our Merino t-shirt is made out of a blend alongside a nylon fabric to create a soft, luxurious and durable shirt. It is a shirt ideal for performance because it is ready to withstand any outside factors that normally may cause damage to your shirt otherwise. Although it’s durable, it also has a four-way stretch that is unlike any other fabric, so it will contour with your body and move alongside you.

Having a t-shirt that is so versatile is a great way for you to do minimal shopping because the shirt can be worn during any occasion and fit its purpose. This is a great way to save money in the long run because you only need a few staple basic items that look great during any occasion. 

We all know how annoying it can be to have to run home before you go on your next adventure after a workout, so by wearing a soft Merino t-shirt, you don’t have to. Instead, you are able to wear Merino wool in confidence that you won’t smell or look like you just worked out at all.  

A Game-Changing Fabric 

Merino wool has many benefits that can be enjoyed by anyone who wears it. If you are someone who sweats a lot or finds themselves having to change a lot, clothing made with Merino wool may be more beneficial to you. It works especially hard to repel moisture and evaporate it quicker than most fabrics, so you don’t have to worry if you get stuck in the rain or sweat a lot that day.

This fabric is known for being both durable and versatile, so you can expect your clothes to last you a long time. Everyone can enjoy Merino wool because of how soft it feels and how warm it keeps you despite being a temperature-regulating material. When it comes to Merino wool, Western Rise has all different clothing items that are made with this amazing fabric. 


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