Versa Hat

The Versa Hat

One Hat, Any Adventure

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter November 5.


The Versa Hat is launching November 5th on Kickstarter. Sign up below and share for a chance to win one of five, and be first in line when it launches.


Packable & Crushable Brim

A dense EVA foam allows for the Versa Hat to be fully crushable yet ready to form into any shape. You'll never have to worry about it being crushed in any bag, so there's never any reason to leave it behind.

100% Waterproof

A waterproof bonded stretch fabric and ultrasonic bonded seams make the Versa Hat 100% Waterproof and ready for any weather.

360º Stretch

The Versa Hat's 360 degree stretch bonded fabric combined with an ultra stretch moisture-wicking sweatband make it the most comfortable hat you will ever own.

The Ultimate Hat for Travel, Outdoors, and Everyday

We designed the Versa Hat to transition seamlessly from activity to urban wear. The fabric will never get wet, show stains, or wrinkle. This is truly the only hat you will ever need.

Available on Kickstarter worldwide on November 5, 2020.