20,000+ 5 Star Reviews

6 Reasons That Make the Evolution Shorts the ONLY shorts you will wear.

20,000+ 5 Star Reviews

Why these shorts are crushing every other travel shorts!


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Reason 1

All Day Comfort

Ready for shorts that get you? Our 4-way stretch fabric moves just like you do, making every journey a breeze. And the stretch waistband? It’s like a comfy hug that fits just right. Whether you’re jetting off across the world or just cruising around town, these shorts are your new go-to. Comfortable enough to nap in, yet stylish enough to turn heads - they’re like your favorite travel buddy, but better.

Reason 2

Go Longer Between Washings

Imagine shorts that shrug off coffee, wine, and rain, keeping you fresh from dawn to dusk. Our cutting-edge fabric doesn’t just resist stains and water—it repels life’s little accidents, from dirt to odors. Less washing, more exploring. Perfect for the traveler who wants to pack light and experience more.

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Reason 3

Always Look Fresh

Pack, unpack, and repeat. Our shorts are designed to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. Wrinkle-proof and always ready, they maintain a crisp, fresh look, no matter how you fold, roll, or cram them into your bag. Say goodbye to ironing and hello to effortless style. Perfect for those who want to look sharp with zero hassle.

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Reason 4

From The Water To Dinner!

Our ultra-fine air-texturized nylon fibers are not just about strength; they offer exceptional abrasion resistance while maintaining a lightweight feel. Perfect for those who demand durability without the bulk, ensuring you stay agile and comfortable no matter your adventure.

Reason 5

Packs Smaller Than a T-Shirt

Unbelievably lightweight and compact, our shorts fold down to less than the size of a t-shirt, making them a dream for your luggage space. They’re not just about saving space; they’re about expanding possibilities. With these in your bag, you’re always ready to step out and explore, no matter where you land.

Over 20,000 5-star Reviews

Secure Zippered Pocket

Water & Stain-Resistant


Pack Small



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