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Posted on: 11/03/2021

What Is Merino Wool & Why Choose Merino Wool?

Merino wool is super-soft, super-plush fabric feels like you’re giving your skin a gift when you wear it, it’s that luxurious.
What Is Merino Wool & Why Choose Merino Wool?

A singular fiber of Merino wool from merino sheep is about a third of the thickness of a strand of human hair, and even finer than cashmere. This super-soft, super-plush fabric feels like you’re giving your skin a gift when you wear it, it’s that luxurious. Merino wool even has antimicrobial properties so it fights odors that your shirt may pick up throughout the day.

Merino fibers are special if you haven’t gathered that already. Flocks of the merino breed of sheep peaked in the 18th century, and this wool remains popular. They have properties that most normal cotton, polyester, and regular wool garments cannot achieve, such as hydrophilic and odor resistant properties that wick away sweat and absorb moisture vapor quickly. You’re also helping the environment when using Merino wool because it decomposes in a matter of six months, while most synthetic fabrics take years. 

You wouldn’t believe all of the benefits that come from really paying attention to what material your clothing is. Here at Western Rise, we offer this gorgeous material and other high-quality clothing for men that truly do the work for you. Long gone are the days where you had to worry if your fave t-shirt smells weird from wearing too much. Let us introduce you to Merino wool.

Smell You Later 

We know your secret: you like to re-wear your favorite basic items. There’s no shame in that but maybe there is if that shirt smells like it has gone through the wringer. That’s the beauty of Merino wool, it is so fine and has bacteria fighting properties that save you the embarrassment of wearing clothes that stink.

By investing in good quality materials for your clothing, you are ensuring that you are getting the best possible product for your money. Merino wool’s ability to absorb moisture, like sweat on the skin’s surface, and repel water while not picking up any odors you may carry on normal clothing makes it special. 

There have even been studies on the antibacterial properties of wool, proving just how good Merino wool really is for you. Humid environments can breed bacteria, but this type of natural fiber can save the day with its breathability. You can sleep well at night knowing you can just grab your Merino wool shirt off the floor and don’t have to worry about the condition of it in the morning. A great option is the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Tee for a form-fitting, sweat-wicking shirt that will meet all of your needs. 

Insulated for Your Comfort

It goes without saying that you want your clothes to be comfortable for all seasons and all weather that may come your way. A merino wool garment adapts to your body’s natural temperature so really it depends on what you’re feeling in the moment, it’s thinking about your needs at all times. 

By being responsive to your body’s temperature, you are actually regulating your body temp and thus your heart rate levels will maintain regular as well. This means that the benefits of Merino wool clothing actually are helping regulate everything while you move but you won’t even know it.

Western Rise boasts Merino wool as a soft, versatile fabric that they use for your comfort, knowing that you won’t want to take it off once you buy it. So when you finally purchase this delicate wool blend, you are going to notice the heightened sense of luxury that comes with purchasing the highest quality product. 

The smell barrier also goes hand in hand with the moisture absorption provided by the wool itself. This means that, if you sweat in Merino wool, the material won’t cling to your body and stick to you. Instead, you will experience a moisture-wicking sensation that makes it feel like there was never any sweat at all. 

Versatility Is the Name of the Game 

You may do something vastly different each time you leave your house. Attending sporting events, going to work, or even going on a date, this fabric can be dressed up or down. Merino, fine wool is great because it looks like a high-quality piece of clothing so you are able to wear the shirt with a pair of dress pants or a pair of running shorts and still look great. 

There’s a reason they call this fabric “the best wool in the world.” You won’t regret making the decision to invest in yourself and your clothing, because a good basic item does not go unnoticed. Merino wool is so special because of the unique experience it gives when you wear it, you are making sure your go-to items last long and make you feel amazing. 

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for style, as the simple look of a Merino shirt like this one will last you for a long time and uphold its magical properties. There is a lot to be said about a man who knows what materials work best for his body and lifestyle, Merino wool makes the decision easy for you. 

No More Wet T-Shirts 

The most amazing aspect of Merino wool is that it is moisture-wicking. It’s amazing because the fibers being so small is what allows them to fight off sweat and other moisture. Since the fibers are thin, they absorb less moisture overall and do not weigh you down once water impacts. 

Instead, you will still feel the light, airy fabric that is Merino wool. Having such thin microfibers pays off in many ways, but the absence of moisture is one of the biggest. Moisture is absorbed from the skin, dispersed, and then dries quickly.

Another benefit to these small, tiny wool fibers used is that they are so thin that they are able to contour to your body. Merino wool will cling in all of the right places and give you room where you need it. These factors all combine to make the most luxurious clothing experience money can buy. 

We give you the ability to buy affordable, high-quality clothing items without having to break the bank. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by stocking up on some high-end basics that will feel and look amazing. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Merino wool is the fabric that you did not know you needed. Most common clothing items are made from cotton, which absorbs all moisture and tarnishes easily. You aren’t getting all of the antibacterial benefits or the fit that is catered to your body. 

By investing in good quality shirts and other items, you are ensuring that you get a lot of wear out of it and that it will outlast many of your other shirts. This is the shirt that is able to go to your sporting events and to work with you the next day and smell just as good as the first time you wore it. A miracle worker without you even seeing, Merino wool just wants you to feel good while living your life. 

Western Rise offers a host of Merino wool products that will keep you, and your closet, extremely happy. You won’t regret purchasing clothes that have your best interests in mind but you will regret it if you continue sacrificing quality for pricing. Merino wool is the best money can buy and you deserve it.



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