StrongCore Merino Fabric

Western Rise Strong Core Merion Fabric

 StrongCore Merino Fabric

  Content: 89% non-mulesed Merino Wool, 11% Nylon
  Fabric Origin: New Zealand
  Weight: 170 gsm 
  Features: Ultra-fine 17.5 Merino Wool, odor resistant, bacteriostatic, tempereture regilating



Ultra-fine Merino Wool is quite simply the best natural performance fabric available, and this top-capped, 170gsm, single jersey is some of the nicest and softest we have ever felt. During times of high activity, merino has a unique ability to draw moisture into the core of the wool fiber, wicking moisture from the skin to cool the body while remaining dry to the touch.  In cooler temperatures, the natural crimp of the fibers trap air and insulate the body. It stays dry longer, resists odors, and breathes better than any other natural fabric available. Quite simply, the softest, most versatile natural fabric in the world.

We bolstered this natural performance by using a core-spun nylon merino fiber.  Ultra-fine 17.5 micron merino wool is spun around a core Nylon filament yarn.  This increases the burst strength of the fabric and improves durability while retaining the ultra-soft hand feel of fine micron merino that we love.  

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Care: Wash with like colors with mild wool detergent (Kookaburra) cold. Lay flat (recommended). Can be machine washed and tumble dried gentle on low heat but expect half size shrinkage (we machine wash ours). Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.



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