DryWeight Merino Wool Fabric

Western Rise DryWeight Merino Wool  

DryWeight Merino Wool

 Content: 50% Merino / 50% TENCEL
 Fabric Origin: Vietnam  
 Weight: 150 gsm 
 Features: Light and airy, wicking, odor neutralizing,  temperature-regulating, and ultra soft. 



DryWeight Merino is constructed with 50% 18.9 Micron Merino Wool and 50% TENCEL®.  Merino Wool is the best natural performance fabric available for its ability to regulate temperature in varying conditions, manage moisture, and control odor. TENCEL®, a product of sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees, is the ideal durable fabric for intense high moisture activity, with its ability to wick and cool rapidly and manage odor well. The rapid moisture transfer of TENCEL® transports liquid quickly away from the body causing the body to cool down faster, and its ultra fine fibers and smooth hand, means it will never irritate the skin in high heat and moisture activities.

TENCEL® pairs perfectly with Merino Wool. Combining these two fibers makes DryWeight Merino a cooler, lighter-wearing, temperature-regulating fabric.  It wicks faster than pure Merino wool, dries three times faster, is 50% cooler, is stronger, and has a luxuriously soft hand and drape.  The combination also creates a unique, subtle microstripe that adds visual texture.

DryWeight Merino brings together equal parts of two of our favorite fibers creating a fabric that is damn near perfect for high humidity environments and physical activity.

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Care: Wash with like colors with mild wool detergent (Kookaburra) cold. Lay flat (recommended). Can be machine washed and tumble dried gentle on low heat but expect half size shrinkage. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.