7 Reasons Men Are Obsessed With This Shirt

James Braxton | 

Enjoy t-shirt comfort with business casual style. Life is crazy - work, kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Make one decision easy each day. The Limitless Merino Shirt can be worn more, washed less, and is ready for any workday - no matter where that may be.

1. T-shirt comfort, Oxford style

After years of searching, Western Rise found the perfect fabric for the Limitless Merino Shirt. Limitless Merino Wool uses a breathable knit fabric to create ultimate stretch in every direction.

2. Wear more, wash less

The Limitless Merino Shirts are odor resistant for multiple days of wear. They neutralize odor and look fresh and clean day in and day out. When it is time for a clean, they require nothing extra for a wrinkle-free style - no need for ironing or dry cleaning.

3. Ultimate comfort

The unique pique knit of the Limitless Merino Shirts stretches in every direction making it ideal for at-home yoga, quick pushups, or a walk around the block.

4. Business on top

No matter what you’re wearing on the bottom, the Limitless Merino Shirt is appropriate for any video call, whether that’s Zoom, Facetime, Hangouts, or Houseparty.

5. Not too hot, not too cold

Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating. It keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Combined with the incredible breathability of this amazing fabric, you’ll never need to adjust that thermostat.

6. Sharp, modern fit

Cut slim and tailored, the Limitless Merino Shirt has a modern slim fit without ever feeling restricting. With the length allowing it to be worn tucked or untucked, this shirt is ready for any environment - even if that’s just your kitchen, living room, office, or bedroom.

7. Love it or get your money back

Comfort and style are personal, so the only way to get the right fit is to try it on. If you don’t love the Limitless Merino Shirt, Western Rise promises a full refund. But we're pretty sure you're going to love this shirt.

If you're tired of your delicate or stiff shirt, you might as well give this ultra-versatile and comfortable Western Rise shirt a chance, right? You’ve got nothing to lose. Get 10% OFF your first order with the code SAVE10.