From Ice Cream to Iconic Design: Rodrigo Pena Segovia's Vision for Sayulita

Rodrigo Pena Segovia'

Rodrigo Pena, the creative force behind some of Sayulita's most beloved spots, invites us into his world of design, travel, and community. Born and raised in this vibrant town, Rodrigo's journey from telecommunications to hospitality is nothing short of inspiring.

Roots in Sayulita

Growing up in Sayulita, Rodrigo experienced the town's charm and simplicity firsthand. "I was born and raised here," he shares, reminiscing about his childhood surrounded by the town's natural beauty and tight-knit community. Today, as a father of two, he balances family life with his passion for creating spaces that reflect the spirit of Sayulita.

The Start of a Creative Journey

Rodrigo's first venture into the hospitality industry was Wakika ice cream. "Back then, Sayulita didn't have many restaurants, so we started with something simple yet delightful," he recalls. This venture paved the way for more ambitious projects, including La Rustica Sayulita, La Rustica Punta Mita, Hula Sayula, and the beautiful Don Bonito Hotel.

Don Bonito Hotel

Daily Life and Inspiration

A typical day for Rodrigo begins with a morning walk on North Beach with his dog, followed by coffee and work at Don Bonito. This routine not only grounds him but also keeps him connected to the town he loves. "I find inspiration in the everyday scenes of Sayulita," he says.

Evolving with Sayulita

Over the years, Rodrigo has seen Sayulita transform from a quiet town to a bustling destination. "It used to be really quiet, especially about ten years ago. Now, it's much busier," he notes. Despite this growth, Rodrigo remains dedicated to preserving the town's unique charm.

Passion for Design

Rodrigo's passion for design is evident in every detail of his establishments. He collaborates with designers from Mexico City, blending their expertise with his vision. "The design and photography of our locations are crucial. We strive to create spaces that stand out," he explains.

Don Bonito Hotel design

Travel and Design Inspiration

Rodrigo's love for travel significantly influences his design sense. He often visits various countries, absorbing different cultures and architectural styles. "Traveling is essential for me. It gives me fresh ideas and perspectives," he explains. His trips to places like Argentina, Uruguay, and Europe have shaped his understanding of design, allowing him to incorporate diverse elements into his projects.

One of his favorite activities while traveling is visiting local coffee shops and watching people go about their daily lives. "I prefer to be in neighborhoods, drinking coffee and observing. It's where I get a lot of my inspiration," he shares. This habit not only fuels his creativity but also connects him to the local culture of each place he visits.

In the coming weeks, Rodrigo plans to travel to Argentina and Uruguay. "I need a break and fresh inspiration. Traveling helps me recharge and see things from a new perspective," he says. His trips often include stays at hip hotels and visits to trendy restaurants, where he draws inspiration from their design and ambiance. "In Portugal, I love staying at cool hotels and dining at places with unique vibes. It’s about experiencing the culture through its food and design," he adds.

Balancing Work and Family

Managing multiple businesses while maintaining a family life is no small feat. Rodrigo splits his time with his ex, ensuring he spends quality time with his kids while also dedicating time to his ventures. "It's all about balance," he says.

Embracing Challenges

Navigating the hospitality industry comes with its challenges. Rodrigo emphasizes the importance of having dedicated managers for each business and holding regular meetings to ensure smooth operations. "We meet every Monday to coordinate," he shares.

Looking Ahead

Rodrigo envisions a bright future for Sayulita. He is optimistic about the town's potential and the opportunities it presents for both locals and visitors. "Sayulita is evolving, and I want to be part of that journey," he concludes.

Rodrigo Pena Segovia's story is a testament to the power of passion and community in shaping a destination's identity. His dedication to enhancing Sayulita while honoring its roots is truly inspiring.

Don Bonito Hotel

Don Bonito Hotel is a design-centric boutique hotel in Sayulita, reflecting Rodrigo’s passion for blending modern aesthetics with local charm. The hotel features minimalist decor, custom furniture, and carefully curated art, providing guests with a unique, serene environment. Designed for the global citizen, the Don Bonito Hotel was curated, designed, and brought to life by Rodrigo. His love for mid-century modern design paired Don Bonito’s clean architecture with the interior design and imagination of Leon Leon Design, located out of Mexico City.

Wakika Ice Cream

Wakika Ice Cream, Rodrigo's first venture, offers delightful homemade ice cream with a local twist. The shop’s vibrant design and playful ambiance make it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists, embodying the spirit of Sayulita.

La Rustica Sayulita and La Rustica Punta Mita

La Rustica restaurants in Sayulita and Punta Mita are renowned for their innovative Italian cuisine and rustic-chic interiors. Rodrigo’s design vision is evident in the warm, inviting atmosphere, where reclaimed wood and handcrafted elements create a cozy dining experience.

Hula Sayula

Hula Sayula combines tropical vibes with sophisticated design. This trendy restaurant and bar is known for its creative cocktails and eclectic menu, set against a backdrop of vibrant murals and lush greenery. It’s a perfect spot for enjoying Sayulita’s lively nightlife while experiencing Rodrigo's unique design touch.

Each of Rodrigo's ventures showcases his commitment to creating spaces that not only serve great food and hospitality but also tell a story through design and cultural integration. His establishments are more than just places to eat or stay; they are immersive experiences that reflect the beauty and diversity of Sayulita.

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