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A New Chapter | Introducing the Voyager Collection

A New Chapter | Introducing the Voyager Collection
In the monotonous routine of everyday life, where routine often suppresses the thrill of adventure, there emerges a compelling call — a call to break free and rediscover the world.
This is where Western Rise steps in with the revolutionary Voyager Collection.
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Craftsmanship and Material Innovation

Unmatched Durability & Style

At the heart of the Voyager Collection's design philosophy lies the commitment to innovative, robust, enduring materials. The primary fabric is a 420D Ballistic Nylon Robic Weave — chosen for its unparalleled balance of lightness and resistance to the rigors of travel. This fabric is meticulously coated with a water-resistant C0 finish on the face and a polyurethane layer on the back, ensuring that whatever your destination, the elements stay out.

A Foundation of Strength

Reinforcing the collection's durability, the base of each bag employs a polycarbonate coated 630 Denier Oxford Nylon Weave. This material doesn't just add structural integrity around vital areas like zippers and the base — it does so without the heft, preserving the line's sleek, streamlined ethos. It also adds a layer of protection and weather resistance around the most vulnerable parts of the bags.

Redefining Accessibility and Security

Intuitive Access with Secured Peace of Mind

Western Rise has equipped the Voyager Collection with YKK Aquaguard zippers, complete with branded Hypalon pullers that ensure your belongings are secure yet accessible, regardless of rain or shine. Versatile, durable grab handles offer multiple carrying options, transforming each interaction with your bag into an effortless experience.

Engineered for Comfort

The comfort system of the Voyager Collection features a multi-faceted approach: a padded and vented back panel and shoulder straps utilize Spundura fabric for durability stretched over an air mesh for breathability. Unlike most bags that just use foam under a knit, this allows both the shoulder straps and back panel to truly breathe while also remaining durable. The shoulder straps are also perfectly contoured for an ergonomic fit. This paired with the innovative use of magnetic straps for both the sternum and waist allows for a customized fit that is both secure and easily adjustable.

A Modular System Tailored for Every Explorer

The Voyager Collection is not merely a set of bags; it's a cohesive system designed to cater to every type of traveler. From bustling city streets to backcountry trails, these bags adapt to and complement every environment through a modular system that supports the following configurations:

  • Voyager Travel35: Your travel command center. This 35L backpack is structured to organize everything from tech gadgets to a week’s wardrobe, all while maintaining an easy access clamshell design and dedicated compartments for hydration and footwear.
  • Voyager Pro25: A versatile companion, perfect for shorter jaunts or as an everyday carry, featuring ample storage with a mix of internal and external pockets, ensuring everything has its rightful place.
  • Voyager Rolltop15: Ideal for the minimalist traveler, this roll-top bag is light, packable, and expands or contracts to meet your daily needs. It's the definition of a functional meeting form. It also perfectly packs into the Travel35.
  • Voyager TechSling: The quintessential organizer for the tech-savvy or the everyday commuter. This compact sling bag is designed to be a dynamic carry solution morphing from a tech pouch to a stylish sling effortlessly.

Subtle Elegance in Branding

Every piece in the Voyager Collection is marked with minimal, yet distinct Hypalon branding. These details are designed to blend seamlessly into the bag's fabric, enhancing the visual and tactile quality without overwhelming the bag’s refined aesthetic.

Crafted With You in Mind

Western Rise values the voice of its community, having launched multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns shaped by user feedback. The Voyager Collection embodies this collaborative spirit, crafted to meet the needs of seasoned travelers and daily commuters alike.

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Forging Innovation with Formstudy

In a pivotal design partnership, Western Rise joined forces with Formstudy to elevate the Voyager Collection's design. Known for their expertise in industrial design specifically tailored to technical bags, Formstudy brought a deep understanding of brand DNA and technical construction to the project.

The Design Minds Behind the Magic

Co-founders Roy Swanson and Nate Durant, brought their collective experience from working with industry giants such as Jansport, Peak Design, and Victorinox. This collaboration ensured that every detail in the Voyager Collection was meticulously crafted to enhance travel functionality while maintaining the aesthetic integrity that Western Rise has become known for.

A Legacy of Innovation

Formstudy's role in the development of the Voyager Collection was integral, infusing the design process with innovative solutions that are both functional and timeless. This partnership not only pushed the boundaries of what travel gear can be but also set new benchmarks for quality and design in the industry.

Join Us in Redefining Travel

Join Western Rise in transforming travel — where every bag is a gateway to a smoother, more enjoyable adventure. This is more than just a travel system; it's a movement to reclaim the joy of exploration. Discover where the Voyager Collection can take you.

Coming to Kickstarter Tuesday, May 14th.

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