Brigg Wool Beanie — Olive

$ 30.00

Brigg Wool Beanie — Olive

$ 30.00

Brigg Wool Beanie — Olive

Brigg Wool Beanie — Olive

$ 30.00


Simple. Stylish. Versatile.  We have long revered Navy issue watch caps for their warmth and versatility.  Our version of the classic knit cap begins with a naturally water-repellant, thermally insulating wool yarn.  The pattern is modified to a tight 1x1 knit to allow for maximum stretch and rebound in the yarn.  The hollow core and smooth face of the wool yarns keep you warm all winter long, whether there’s snow, sleet, rain… well you get the picture.  Hand knit close to home, in Fort Collins, Colorado.  


100% wool. Natural fiber crimp and a hollow core make wool an excellent insulator.  Wool has the unique ability to keep you warm without overheating.  Odor resistance, breathability, and insulating make wool nature’s finest performance textile.  


  • Wool Watch Cap
  • 100% Wool
  • Natural stretch
  • Ribbed fold up beanie
  • Hand knit in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item support Western Rivers Conservancy.


One Size Fits Most

If you have any questions about sizing and fit please send us a note at help@westernrise.com.


Wash with like colors with mild wool detergent (Kookaburra) cold. Lay flat (recommended). 

Do not Bleach. Do not dry Clean.