Portugese Woven Shirting

Western Rise Portuguese Woven Shirt Factory


Located in the Porto region of Portugal, our shirting manufacturer is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1987.


How We Found It

In the early days of our company we followed the advice of more experienced industry developers and worked will full package manufacturers in Asia that could make our full line. We soon discovered the many downsides of this when our factory hit a rough patch and our entire spring and summer line was delayed 6 months. In search of a more transparent higher quality supply chain, we flew to Portugal. Known for its high-quality craftsmanship that goes head to head with Italy and France, Portugals apparel industry is composed of small-scale family-owned factories that specialize in quality and designer products. The factories in this region produce for companies like Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Hugo Boss. We met with many apparel manufacturers on our trip but were really impressed with Victor’s second generation family run operation in the Guimares.


The Product

Victor’s factory specializes in high-quality men’s women and children shirting. To say they are specialist would be an understatement. Their team of skilled tailors is offered continuous training, both in the technical and technological fields and in an organizational context.


About the Owner

Victor is a second generation apparel manufacturer. He bought his factory from his father and has slowly scaled and modernized the operation while still maintaining its traditional principals. Humility, humanism and honor, are equally as important to Victor in business as a progressive and dynamic philosophy. This can be seen in in every aspect of the business from the warm welcome you receive when you arrive, the laughing and joking seamstresses on the floor to the impeccable attention to detail and quality that come with every sample and finished product.