Our Story


Our Story

We are Western Rise—technical and versatile apparel to fit your dynamic mountain adventures. We live for backcountry trails, mountain towns and nights around a campfire with good friends. Our apparel inherits the timeless aesthetic we love and delivers the advanced performance demanded by all those called to the wild.

Designed in Colorado, by fly​ fishing guides, ski instructors, mountain ​bikers, climbers​ and hikers,​ our apparel is inspired by the natural world around us, driven by mountain culture and crafted with a serious attention to detail and function.

Whether watching the sunrise over a distant mountain peak, rising early to be the first to a long riffle, or watching a trout rise to a new hatch, we are passionate about the places where one can reconnect with the wild and get back to the basics.


Our Collection

The American West has long been an inspiration to those seeking adventure. With wild prairies and rugged peaks, only the toughest and truest ventured to uncharted territories for the promise of opportunity and good fortune over a century ago. With our inaugural line, The Pioneer Collection, we pay homage to these pioneers, their journeys and the legacy they left behind. Their towns now lost, but their adventurous spirits live on.


Our Technology

As we share our inaugural line with you, we are proud to introduce a new kind of water repellent—DryRise. Constructed to keep water off your skin and out of your clothes, our DryRise technology resists​ water, microbials​ and the ​sun. The result, ​heritage design and a truly technical fabric in one—​fit for a true mountain lifestyle.