Conservation & Responsibility

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It is not only our responsibility, it’s our obligation to protect the world we are part of and enjoy. This belief affects everything, from how we choose fabrics to who we support.

Western Rise donates both its services and 1% of its sales to Western Rivers Conservancy1% For The Planet and other grassroots environmental and social groups.

WRC acquires endangered riverlands along our finest waterways to rebuild and conserve wildlife habitat, protect key sources of cold-water and provide public access for all.

WRC has created sanctuaries and secured public access along great rivers like the Yampa, Hoh, Salmon, John Day, Madison, Gunnison, Skagit, Eel, Smith, Bear and dozens of others. WRC’s effort is considered to be one of the most important conservation projects in the Lower 48.

As we continue to expand our partners we strive to be a company that makes a positive difference for our planet.