AirLight Fabric

Western Rise AirLight Western Fabric

 AirLight Fabric

  Content: 73% Polyester, 27% Nylon
  Fabric Origin: Taiwan
  Weight: 110 gsm
  Features: Weft stretch, quick-dry cotton hand feel,  DWR

We searched for over three years to find the perfect fabric for a Western Shirt. We knew that if we were going to try and update the classic western style, it better damn well be something we can stand behind. What we found is a light, airy polyester, bolstered by air-texturized nylon, with just the right amount of mechanical weft stretch. Performance fibers woven into a summer weight oxford style fabric that looks like cotton moves with the body breathes like a dream and is ready for just about anything. The fabric is finished with a nano-scale durable water repellant to stay dry in a light rain storm or dry quickly if it does get a little wet.   

Sustainably Bluesign approved for a more sustainable world.

Care: Due to our pieces having a Durable Water Repellent application, they will absorb less odor and staining. Thus, they can and should be washed less frequently. Machine wash with like colors and mild detergent cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat. Do not use fabric softener during wash as this may damage the water repellency. Do NOT bleach. Do NOT dry clean.

Water Repellent Treatment care: Avoid oils and grease as they will damage the water repellent treatment and possibly stain the piece. To remove oil stains use mild dish detergent like Dawn.To reactivate treatment machined dry on medium heat or iron on low heat no steam. Do not dry clean



Western Rise AirLight Western Shirt  Western Rise AirLight Western Shirt


Western Rise AirLight Western Shirt  Western Rise AirLight Western Shirt