Our Story

Western Rise 


Every mountain has its own spirit and personality that speaks to us differently. The dreamlike peaks rising from the valley floor draw at your soul.  

Stunning high points, steep couloirs and powder filled glades give way to more than just endless single-track, jagged crags and gold-medal trout streams. They set the stage for our personal stories that write themselves through the changing of the seasons.  

People who choose to call the high altitude home have a passion for making the most out of every moment of their lives. We are lucky enough to call these mountains our home and the people our inspiration.    


For Kelly and I, the draw started early. What started as a few family vacations grew into a strong sense that the mountains were where we belonged. We both came for the same reason and found a place that fit our personalities.

A single ski season quickly turned into many. We fell in love, not only with the charged lifestyle, but with a true mountain town. So we extended our stay.

We quickly realized that living in a mountain town is tough. Seasonal employment, scarce housing and high prices plague all locals, but the seemingly endless access is worth the mandatory sacrifices.  


Western Rise developed as a function of our lifestyle and our passions. Active mountain days led to truck beds full of gear and constant wardrobe changes.

Living in the mountains you begin to understand the need for quality, thoughtfully-designed stylish gear, and we longed for that in our every day apparel. So we started pulling pieces together, scraping together knowledge and money and pouring our heart and soul into creating something special.

For too long, active individuals have sacrificed space, style and money for apparel that only fulfills one purpose. So we set out to change that.  


Crafted with advanced technical fabrics that perform in a wide array of conditions, our apparel enhances your outdoor experiences yet never restricts them. Whether your day involves a pre-work dawn hike, lunch break bike ride, in-town concert, evening fly fishing trip, or a just rainy commute to work, our apparel is ready to seamlessly transition from one activity to the next and keep you looking good.

We strive to achieve mountain versatility through fabric, fit and design.


You all inspire us daily and we could not do it without you. More than anything, in every way, we hope to be a company that listens and lives up to your demands. Earning your respect.

Our incredible community of customers, suppliers, team and friends drive us to design, build, test and continuously progress. And we cannot thank you enough. If this is your first time joining us, we hope you’ll stick around.  

If you make it to Southwest Colorado's mountains, drop us a line and come say, "Hi!"


As Western Rise grows and evolves, we realize it is not only our responsibility, it’s our obligation to protect the world that we enjoy. This belief affects everything from how we choose fabrics to who we support.

The life we enjoy in the mountains is made possible by the use of public lands, so we seek to protect those lands that we enjoy. At westernrise.com, a portion of each sale is donated to Western Rivers Conservancy.

Western Rivers Conservancy’s motto is, “Sometimes to save a river, you have to buy it.” WRC acquires outstanding riverlands along our finest streams to conserve fish and wildlife habitat, protect key sources of cold-water and provide public access for all. WRC has created sanctuaries for fish and wildlife and secured public access along great rivers like the Yampa, Hoh, Salmon, John Day, Madison, Gunnison, Skagit, Eel, Smith, Bear and dozens of others. It is the West’s only organization dedicated exclusively to saving rivers through land acquisition—an approach that is effective, tangible and permanent. WRC’s effort is considered by many to be one of the most important conservation projects in the Lower 48.  

We are proud to support Western Rivers Conservancy and as we continue to expand our partners we strive to be a company that makes a positive difference for our planet.