5 Reasons the Versa Hat is the Only Hat You'll Ever Need

It's Your Favorite Hat All Day, Everyday
You know that old, broken in hat that conforms perfectly to your head? The Versa Hat is like that from the start. With 4-way stretch fabric, a stretch sweatband, and a soft, moldable brim you’ll want to wear the Versa Hat all day, everyday.
This is The Hat Reinvented
Forget everything you know about hats. The Versa Hat is engineered with a water resistant exterior designed to repel water and prevent absorption, and a moisture wicking interior to keep you cool and dry for all of your summer adventures.
It's Crushable and Floatable
Designed with a buoyant, soft visor core, you’ll never have to worry about tossing your hat in any bag and you’ll never lose this hat to the bottom of lakes, rivers, or oceans. Get out there and have more fun.
You'll Never Leave it Behind
Engineered specifically for an active lifestyle while keeping a classic style, the Versa hat is ready for the office, the trail, the course, the beach or dinner. You'll never leave home without it.
Everybody Loves Them
With thousands sold, the Versa Hat is the most funded hat in Kickstarter history. Loved by Gear Patrol, CLAD, Carryology, Acquire and more, the Versa Hat is loved by anyone that wears one.