Flow: To move smoothly with unbroken continuity and fluidity
We built The Flow Collection to exist at the confluence of movement and mindfulness — a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in activity.   High in the mountains, here in Telluride, January through March puts us in a state of Flow.  Moving with the gentle rhythms of the ever-falling snow, our world becomes alive.  
It is this daily movement that inspired us to create The Flow Collection.  A collection built around movement and awareness — deep powder days to early morning hikes, work commutes to nights out.  A collection built where nature meets performance, tailoring meets technical details, and classic style meets function.  A collection that is versatile, yet doesn’t skimp on form or function. 
To test this gear, we need only to step out our backdoor.  With bottomless powder days that fill daydreams to cold early morning bike commutes, we crafted a collection to adjust to the varying temperatures and environments.  Pieces that move with the body and aid in activity cut from materials we love. 
Lifestyle defines movement.  Movement defines product. 
Let the flow guide the way.

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