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Mountain Town Morning Essentials

Western Rise

Today you were pecking away at the never-ending email strain. There wasn’t time for a high country ride, a trail run or even a short technical hike up the nearby ridge.

“Tomorrow,” you tell yourself. “Tomorrow I’ll get up early and get moving before another day at the office.”

But when that alarm buzzes, you wake up groggy, confused, press sleep on your phone and all of your motivation turns into, “I can just do it after work.”

Though as the fall air becomes crisp, we know it’s hard to get motivated to strap on your boots and get out there when five o’clock rolls around.

So, you can make the choice to skip your morning hike, but if you’re like us we know you would regret it.

Let’s get through the morning pains together, so that when five o’clock rolls around, you feel refreshed, accomplished and ready for a glass of whiskey!

Here are our six tips for starting your morning off “the mountain town way.”

Western Rise


Set your clothes out the night before. (Even get your shoes and socks ready to throw on!) Granite Camp Pants? Check. Tomboy Popover? Check. Now there’s no need to change before heading to work. Allowing yourself to have less things to think about before second-guessing your early morning charge can ease the pain of getting out of bed.


It’s simple. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t want to get out of bed. According to research performed in the last couple of years (and old news for most), straying away from your phone, laptop, iPad or any light-emitting screen for an hour before bed is beneficial for your sleep pattern. In fact, the light intake decreases your melatonin levels, making it difficult to fall asleep and in turn, more difficult to get after that early morning peak!  So say goodnight, jump off of Instagram and let yourself drift off early. We promise, it’ll pay off.

Western Rise

Fuel Up

Now, you don’t want to overstuff yourself before heading out on a morning adventure. Instead choose a few small bites like a banana and a glass of orange juice to keep you energized while you’re out there. Then, refuel with coffee and a green chile-packed breakfast burrito on your way to work! We're somewhat addicted to stopping by Telluride’s Cowboy Coffee on our way into work.

Don’t Overthink It

Wake up just a few hours before you need to be at work. Even an hour of hiking, biking, walking, or running before work can improve your ability to stay alert at work. Try not to second-guess what you’re doing. When you hear that alarm chirping in your ear, just get up, throw your pre-prepared clothes on and get out the door. Keep it simple; don’t think, just do.


Repeat! If you get in the habit of it, you won’t want to stop! It’s that simple. We’ve heard of people signing contracts for themselves that promise they will get out of bed. Instead, we like to make a routine of our morning hike. Next thing you know, you won’t want to break the habit.

Western Rise

Bring a Friend Along

Above all else, nothing inspires us more than our adventure partners. The essential key to gearing up early morning inspiration is having a buddy to hold you accountable at the trailhead.

With ski season right around the corner, keep tight to these six tips and before you know it you’ll be up for a dawn patrol skin well-before your daily commute begins. Who’s with us?

-The Western Rise Crew

Photography Credits: (1-2) Dan Sohner, (3) Meredith Drangin, (4) Ben Matthews


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  • Apr 10, 2017

    Where are these pictures taken? From Colorado, moved to Texas and missing the mountains. Looking to buy something in a small mountain town. I know you guys do a lot around Telluride, however, is their another mountain town that is a little more under the radar that you recommend?



    — Travis Bowles

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