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Posted on: 03/01/2022

What To Wear With Black Jeans: 5 Cool Ideas

Black jeans are a staple piece for anybody’s closet because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down.
What To Wear With Black Jeans: 5 Cool Ideas

Black jeans are a staple piece for anybody’s closet because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. There are tons of different styles of black jeans and you can really make them your own. Plus, they match with just about everything and have an incredibly slimming effect. 

A great way to let your style show through when wearing your black jeans is by accessorizing appropriately. If you are someone who enjoys jewelry, wearing a statement watch or chain may be what makes your outfit. Or, coordinating your shoes or picking a sneaker versus a boot may make the difference for you. 

Regardless, black jeans should be something that is fun and easy to style for you. By having staple items in your closet that you can count on for any situation, you are setting yourself up for success. The whole point is to have a closet that is ready for your lifestyle and Western Rise creates clothing that helps you get ready for that. 

Black jeans are not going out of style anytime soon. They provide a dressier approach to regular jeans because they don’t look like outright denim, so many people can get away with wearing them in place of a dress pant at times. Almost everyone has a pair of black jeans in their closet, and there are tons of ways you can still display your style while wearing them. 

If you are struggling to think of ideas beyond wearing just a t-shirt with black jeans, don’t worry. Here are some style options for everybody to match your black jeans. 

Contrast With a Pop Of Color 

Since black is the darkest color you can wear, one great way to style them is with a pop of color on top. Whether it be a bold, bordering neon orange, or just a subtle pastel pink, a pop of color on top can add flare to your outfit. Even if it is just a plain t-shirt that is a more vibrant color, you are adding dimension and contrast to your outfit that will pull people’s eyes to it. 

A pop of color in your outfit, even if it is just your belt buckle, can add a lot of layers to your outfit. It pulls it together by making you not look as monochromatic, so if you are wearing even all black, a pop of color somewhere can elevate your look. 

Even though we mentioned bright colors, less intense ones like reds, blues, or greens can have the same effect on your outfit. One really important factor is how you match your shoes or other accessories to the outfit. So if you have a red shirt on, a fun way to make the look cohesive is by picking shoes with red accents to wear with it. 

Head to Toe 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing all-black head to toe. For many people, this is their daily go-to “uniform.” Wearing all black gives off a cohesive look that makes many people feel confident and comfortable in their outfits. 

Since black is deemed a slimming color, wearing it head to toe can make people feel slimmer and better about how they look in their clothing. So, if you feel confident in all black, by all means, wear it. After all, fashion is all about what makes you feel comfortable and happy when you wear it. 

If you want to wear all black, a good way to elevate this look is with a henley like this one. Henleys are a great step above the classic t-shirt and can be layered under flannels and jackets for added warmth. They also make you look a little more put together because of the added button detailing in the front. 

Browns Are Back 

This year has proven that brown clothing items are completely fine to wear with black jeans. Long gone are the days when people would tell you that black and brown don’t match; the return of the chocolate tones is here. Browns are a great neutral to wear to spice up your outfit but remain neutral. 

The same goes for grays and whites as well. These offer a neutral tone, which can be mixed and matched and still look great together. Neutral tones are easy to match with accessories and also work well on their own. 

You can wear any brown top with your black jeans, or use brown for your accent pieces like a jacket or sweater. By wearing brown, you are staying relatively similar with neutral colors but adding dimension by not wearing all black. It still looks great together and you are adding more color into your closet slowly. 

If you are someone who wears jewelry or watches with your outfits, gold makes for an amazing match with the black and brown combination. 

Shackets and Flannels Over Sweatshirts 

When the weather starts to get colder, you are going to want to add layers upon layers to stay warm. A great look for your black jeans is to throw on a black sweatshirt, or any sweatshirt of any solid color, and throw on a shacket (shirt jacket) or flannel on top. This gives you maximum warmth and comfort and adds a little spice to your outfit.

By adding a print on top with a flannel, it can bring a fun element to your outfit. Button down shackets are also a great option because they can be worn in any situation and still look great. By wearing layers, you also are able to control your warmth, so you can wear these items throughout the day separately. 

Shackets and flannels are great because they are offered in many types of materials and patterns. This means you can pick whatever type fits your style or mood for the day or just have one staple jacket like Western Rise’s shacket and wear it daily. 

Go for a Leather Moment 

The leather jacket and black jeans are two staple closet items for a reason. They go together like peanut butter and jelly; it only makes sense that you would pair them together for the ultimate staple item outfit. You can wear almost anything underneath a leather jacket and have it look extremely cool, like our StrongCore tee. 

A leather jacket can keep you warm and also give you an edgier, rockstar look that we all know and love. When it comes to black jeans and a leather jacket, almost anything can look good with it. Now, different colors of leather-like white and brown are also becoming popular so you can get different shades and match them with your black jeans. 

Shop the Basics 

If you want elevated essentials to pair with black jeans, shop at Western Rise for quality materials and a luxurious feel. We offer button-downs, t-shirts, socks, underwear, and more for every occasion. 

When it comes to black jeans, there are countless ways to make them your own and let your personal style show through. If anything, show your style through accessorizing and through your shoe choices. Wearing something like a hat or a watch can be what makes your outfit feel complete. 


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