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Posted on: 02/05/2018

What is The Bluesign System?- A Step in the Right Direction

The bluesign® system regulates and reduces environmental impact through the entire textile supply chain. 
What is The Bluesign System?- A Step in the Right Direction

What is BlueSign?


Apparel manufacturing is a dirty labor-intensive business. This is not a new revelation. It has been covered the likes of the Washington Post The Giardian and The Daily Mail, and studies have recently revealed the negative effect these process can have not only on our environment but on the wearer over time. Thanks to recent transparency campaigns from companies and press consumers have become more aware of the negative effect some manufacturing processes have on the environment, the people manufacturing them, and consumers themselves.


We are addicted to trends and discount shopping. As People moved from high-quality capsule wardrobes to walk-in-closets of the latest trends fashion brands pushed to make cheaper items to keep us coming back for more. In an attempt to produce cheaper materials for fast fashion and budget apparel industries mills and factories have been pressured by brands to produce cheaper materials. This has forced them to use more chemicals in their manufacturing process and turning to “in-house” budget chemical processes that are frequently unregulated, unstable, and toxic to the workers and the wearer.


The bluesign® system regulates and reduces environmental impact through the entire textile supply chain. The system reviews the use of chemistry, energy usage, water and air emissions, worker safety and consumer safety. Specifically, they monitor the “Dyeing and Finishing” processes both of which are very intensive in water usage, energy and chemical treatments. The bluesign® system ensures the chemicals used in the manufacturing and dyeing process are manufactured by experts to prevent any byproduct that can come from unstable reactions harming the workers and linger on the end garments. They regulate water consumption and waste management to ensure lower water and energy usage overall and prevent any chemical byproducts from ending up in the water or air systems. In addition, they regulate handling and safety policies to ensure employee safety while working with these chemicals.


By developing guidelines and monitoring the implementation of the bluesign® system, bluesign® technologies is encouraging the textile industry to increase their efforts in sustainability and reduce their environmental impact across the entire textile supply chain. This helps them provide safer products to us so we don’t have to worry if our T-shirt is going to give us cancer. You can help them in their efforts by asking your favorite brands to choose bluesign® approved materials and invest in quality products that are bluesign® certified.




Western Rise proudly uses bluesign® fabrics and works with approved mills and factories. Currently close to 80% of our collections use bluesign® fabrics. See each products descriptions for individual items bluesign® fabrics.

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