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Posted on: 12/03/2021

The Easiest Guide on a Versatile Wardrobe for Men (2021)

Having a versatile wardrobe means that you can adapt to any situation with the clothes you have without having to shop for something new.
The Easiest Guide on a Versatile Wardrobe for Men (2021)

Having a versatile wardrobe means that you can adapt to any situation with the clothes you have without having to shop for something new. It’s about having clothes that can be worn during any situation and that can stay on your body despite the fact you have dinner and a workout that day. Yet, it can be nearly impossible to find those clothes that can do just that without requiring a change. 

You may be thinking that it’s insane to wear the clothes that you worked out in to dinner because you would smell and look sweaty. However, what if we told you that with Western Rise, you can indeed do just that. Thanks to our performance fabric blend, our clothes repel water rather than absorbing it. Thanks to our performance fabric blends, our clothing has properties like water and stain resistance, stretch, and moisture-wicking built to make you more comfortable throughout your day.

We make clothes for men who are busy or men who just want to lounge about. Really, we make clothes for every man and every situation. Our clothes don’t require a ton of attention and can go days without seeing a washing machine and you won’t even notice it. Getting multiple wears out of clothing is a blessing when it comes to a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have time for a laundry cycle. 

It’s time to make your wardrobe more versatile and we have just the pieces for you. 

Limitless Button Down

The Limitless Button Down is the ultimate versatile piece from Western Rise that can be worn to literally anything you want. It is nice enough to dress up with khakis or slacks for a date night, but comfortable enough to be worn around the house with joggers. However, it can be worn with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt around the house on your day off as well and look just as good. 

It is the ultimate piece that can be worn out of the house and look sleek and fashionable. It also has those beloved moisture-wicking properties that fight off moisture and resist odors that come your way. So, unlike most button-down types, this one won’t look dirty and worn by day two. 

The button-down is made from a Merino wool blend, a thin fiber that, thanks to its extreme thinness, maintains the breathability you need in a shirt jacket while keeping you warm and feeling insanely soft. It feels like cashmere but has the breathability of an open weave sweater so you get the best of both worlds. 

This is perfect for transitioning seasons because it can be layered with more jackets or t-shirts or just worn as is. It also comes in a few colors so you can buy multiple for a good staple piece in your wardrobe. 

X Cotton Henley 

The X Cotton Henley is our favorite for literally anything imaginable. Made with a little heavier cotton blend, this henley keeps you warm while also being extremely comfortable and having a ton of stretch. It is also perfect for layering, to be worn alone or under the button-down mentioned above. 

Having a henley is a great way to wear something a little different than your normal t-shirt. With a few buttons at the top, it is an amazing take on a long-sleeved t-shirt and can be worn with any type of bottoms. This makes it extremely versatile because you can wear it to multiple different events and look well put together. 

There are many benefits to wearing a henley, but the main one is that it can be worn in any season and feel great. We love even throwing on a henley on top of our t-shirts in the summer at night when it gets cold. They are great for just keeping with you at all times because they can be matched with almost anything and look fine. 

A henley is also great to wear with a bolder pair of pants you may have that are hard to match. Something solid yet fashionable like the X Cotton Henley is easy to just throw on and walk out the door in. You will want to wear it daily, and you really can. 

AT Pant 

An issue for many people when shopping for clothes is always the pants. Pants stain so quickly, lose their comfort, rip, you name it. They are so quick to ruin and catch odor so quickly that you have trouble getting multiple wears out of them.

If you are looking for a pair of pants that can be worn to work, outside in nature, or just while you run errands, look no further. The AT Slim Pant are our most versatile pants because they offer a slim cut and stretch without taking away from their style. They can be worn out to the bars with your friends or while you are working in your yard and they won’t tarnish or ruin. 

Instead, they are stain-resistant due to a coat of water repellent on top of the material to solidify that nothing penetrates the surface. So you can take whatever life throws on you and be confident that these pants will outlast it. Whether it be dirt, wine, or sweat, your pants will not hang on to any of it which is perfect for the hectic lifestyle. 

You want pants like these because they are going to last you a long time but they won’t go out of style either. You can wear anything with them and look put together, so that minimizes the need to shop for specific pants for every occasion in life. They are a trustworthy pair of pants that you can feel comfortable and confident in. 

Essentials Always 

When it comes to having a versatile closet, it is all in the materials used. Western Rise loves our performance fabric blends and Merino wool to give you maximum comfort and style when wearing our clothes. If you have materials that help fight outside factors that normally destroy your clothes, you will be able to wear your clothes throughout the day no matter what. 

Fill your wardrobe with basic essential pieces that can be transitioned into different seasons and that can be layered depending on your comfort levels. This allows you to buy fewer clothes over time, saving you money in the long run because you don’t have to buy so many different items for all of your needs. 

Western Rise makes those essentials that you don’t have to stress about as you go about your life and make sure your wallet thanks you in the process. You are going to love how little shopping and care our products allow for while feeling the utmost amount of comfort from our products just the same. 

If you were looking for a versatile wardrobe, this is the best place for you to start building it with confidence that you are getting the best possible items. 



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