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Posted on: 09/01/2017

Material Study | Hemp

Weed. Pot. Herb. Reefer. Ganja. Marijuana -- all things that Hemp is not. What is hemp?
Material Study | Hemp

Western Rise Hemp


Weed. Pot. Herb. Reefer. Ganja. Marijuana -- all things that Hemp is not.  What is hemp?  Hemp is an environmentally sustainable Bast fiber derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant in the same family as Linen and Ramie. A Bast fiber is a long supportive fiber that comes from the strong "inner bark" of certain fast growing hollow but woody stemmed Dicotyledonous plants. Hemp is cultivated for its fiber strength not THC and used in a variety of industrial uses such as paper, textiles, building materials, biofuel, feed- much different than the plant cultivated for Marijuana. 

Western Rise Hemp


Hemp is one of the earliest plants cultivated for textile fibers. Dating back to 8,000 BC Mesopotamia. During the middle ages, European sailing ships became dependent on hemp canvas sails (derived from the word cannabis), and hemp rope was used widely as it was three times stronger than cotton. Up to the 1920s, 80% of clothing was made from hemp.

China has the longest history of hemp production at over 6,000 years, but France, Spain, Chile, and Russia have been major suppliers for hundreds of years. Hemp was grown in North America as well but became overshadowed by cotton, and eventually outlawed in 1970 as part of the United States Controlled Substance Act.



Hemp long dense fibers make it one of the strongest, most durable natural textiles.  The more hemp is used, the softer it gets.  It doesn’t wear out but instead wears in.  

Hemp also handles moisture and humidity extremely well. Through natural capillary action, hemp moves liquid away from the body quickly creating a cooling sensation as it pulls heat with it.  It’s porous nature allows the fabric to breathe, while also wicking moisture. These pores also allow the fiber to be cooler in warm weather, then trap air and insulate during cooler weather.


Hemp is an extremely resilient and fast growing crop. Considered a Carbon Negative plant, it requires no herbicides, pesticides, GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers.  In addition hemp yields more fiber per acre than any other plant. Using the same amount of land, hemp produces 250% more fiber than cotton. Hemp also improves soil health for succeeding crops by clearing impurities and replenishing vital nutrients.  The roots anchor and protect the soil from runoff while building and preserving topsoil.  

The processing of Hemp is a clean and simple process. Its byproducts are clean water and hemp fiber.


Hemp’s an extremely strong environmentally friendly fabric that ages and softens beautifully with an elegant drape, and excellent moisture management.  The perfect fabric for spring, summer, and fall - now put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Men’s Liberated Hemp Band Collar- Natural
Men’s Liberated Hemp Band Collar- Sage
Women’s Liberated Hemp Band Collar- Natural
Women’s Liberated Hemp Band Collar- Sage

Western Rise Men's Liberated Hemp Band Collar- Sage