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Posted on: 08/05/2018

Material Study | AT Fabric

When we were searching for a fabric to make our classic five pocket pant, we asked our friends [office nerds, outdoor enthusiasts, workout junkies, digital nomads] what would make up their perfect pant.
Material Study | AT Fabric

Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pant


When we were searching for a fabric to make our classic five pocket pant, we asked our friends [office nerds, outdoor enthusiasts, workout junkies, digital nomads] what would make up their perfect pant. Although our friends are an eclectic group, we heard the same thing across the board:

Durable. Everyday. Everywhere.

So we set-out to bring it to them. What we chose is a fabric comprised of 97% nylon fiber with a rugged, air-texturized canvas surface and blended it with 3% spandex to give the fabric just the right amount of stretch. We topped off the AT Cloth with a nano-scale DWR to keep you dry.

Not following? Let us try to break it down.


What initially drew us to see nylon as a great fit for the AT Pant is it's unassuming, yet technical performance features. Not only does nylon hold its shape and retain its color better than polyester, but it is notable for being:

Nylon, invented in 1935, has had many uses. It was originally used during World War II as parachute material because of its lightweight strength but is also commonly used in machining parts and cookware. Only recently has it been incorporated into clothing to increase durability. 

Although nylon is a highly sought-after fabric that performs well on its own, we knew we could elevate to improve its feel and performance to it to take your pants to the next level. We did this by adding a few key elements.




We chose to develop a nylon based canvas looking fabric which provides extra protection from the rain, wind, and sun. To elevate the basic nylon we used air-texturized yarn to make it softer, quieter and more comfortable so you can wear it day in and day out for any activity.

The air texturizing process is fairly simple. First, the nylon filaments (the smaller thread that makes up the yarn) are covered in water before they go through the air jet stream. This essentially acts as a lubricant for efficiency purposes. Then the filaments are fed at a rapid rate to an air-jet stream. The air jet blows the yarns into a continuous braid of entangled small loops. These loops give the nylon a softer more flexible hand. At the end of the jet stream, the braided filaments are stabilized, and the water is dried off. The filaments are wound together into a durable yarn and the process is complete.                  

By air texturizing our synthetic yarn at the end of production, the result is a softer and quieter pant that can be worn every day, while maintaining the performance features of an ultra-durable nylon.



We believe fabric should move with you, not constrain you. So we added a little bit of stretch to give you full motion for whatever activities the day might bring. We think this nylon/spandex combo makes a pant fabric that’s damn near perfect.



DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. DWR is a finish we put on our pants to help them repel water and keep you dry even in the wettest of conditions.

The finish is a coating that’s applied to the outside of the fabric surface. DWR makes the fibers hydrophobic, meaning they now repel water. If you take a microscope to a DWR coated fibers, you can see how the DWR increases the contact angle where liquid hits the surface of the fabric, making it appear as though the fabric is covered in microscopic hairs or spikes. These hydrophobic hairs encourage water droplets to form into beads and roll off instead of absorbing into the fabric surface.  

Western Rise AT Slim Rivet DWR


The DWR finish helps to prevent water and liquids from absorbing into your pants. This protects against stains allowing you to wear your pants more and wash them less.

At Western Rise, we do our research to find the most durable and rugged fabrics, but we don’t settle there. We take an awesome fabric and add advanced finishing touches, in order to bring you a pant that you can wear anywhere, every day.


Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pant