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Posted on: 07/13/2016

Best Summer Brews & Best Summer Views

Around here, July officially kicks off summer in the high country.
Best Summer Brews & Best Summer Views

Western Rise Uinta Brewing

Around here, July officially kicks off summer in the high country. The snow is almost completely melted and wildflowers are saturating the alpine meadows. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate getting out there than with our favorite brews and favorite views.

So, we asked our friends, near and far, to share their choice libations and tastiest summer vistas with us. Now grab that cooler, your Eureka Shop Shirt and get out there!

Western Rise

“New Belgium Hof Ten Dormaal Golden Ale at Piney Lake at sunset.” - Ben Matthews, @bentommat  

Pallet Jack IPA and Jefferson Park, Mt. Jefferson. ” - Andy Best, @andy_best

“21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon (but I can’t find it in Colorado) on top of a mountain somewhere.” - Kyle Frost, @kylefrost 

“Ska Mexican Lager looking over the La Platas from Indian Trail Ridge after a good ride.” - Ben Kraushaar, @benjamin_kraushaar 

Western Rise


“Fremont Summer Ale, best served sitting in a kayak that’s floating in Puget Sound, overlooking the Olympic Mountains. Not my favorite view, but when I’m out there, I’m usually sneaking in a weekday outdoor treat so it’s extra special. And it’s easier to pack beer in a kayak vs. an alpine climb.” - Ashlee Langholz, @ashleelangholz

“Elevation 9 Second Kolsch from the top of the first Flatiron overlooking Boulder.” - Ali Vagnini, @alisonvagnini

“I like Mojitos and Piney River is my new fav spot.” - Matt Shaw, @mattshawcreative 

Western Rise

“Bonfire Brewing Coloradler. Favorite view...OYE. That's a tough one. Probably atop New York Mountain, my favorite summit in the Vail Valley.” - Meredith Drangin, @meredithdrangin 

“Doma cold brew coffee and I dig a nice view atop the Selkirks from Hunt Lake. 😀” - Patrick Lipsker, @patricklipsker

“Underwood Pinot Noir, in a can, under the stars, after a long day of backpacking the alpine tundra. 👌”  - Amanda Ciesielczyk, @freshpeaks

“Uinta 801 Pilsner exploring old mining ruins with my pup and girl.” - Adrian Goad, @slevin414

PC: (1) BoldBrew (2) Matt Shaw (3) Ashlee Langholz (4) Meredith Drangin