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Posted on: 08/09/2016

Andrew Miller: Our Team Member Who Loves Kanye

I’m a big fan of fly fishing and that’s probably my favorite thing to do for fun. It really helps me clear my head and focus on that singular moment without distraction.

Andrew Miller: Our Team Member Who Loves Kanye

Western Rise

Name: Andrew Miller


What you do for a living:

I’m actually a graphic designer full time but I’m pretty actively trying to become a full-time freelance photographer.

Where do you live?

I’m just outside of Santa Fe near the Pecos Wilderness here in New Mexico. But I’ve only lived here for a year. I lived in Texas for the past 8 years before moving west last August!

What you do for fun:

Just about anything that gets me outside really. I’m a big fan of fly fishing and that’s probably my favorite thing to do for fun. It really helps me clear my head and focus on that singular moment without distraction.

Western Rise

Would you rather photograph people or landscapes and why?

That’s a good question. I really love landscapes, and I think that’s what originally got me into photography. But the more I shoot them, the more I try to fit a human element into them. Mostly just to convey the scale of some of the things I shoot ‘cause it can be hard to do justice to just how vast a scene really is sometimes. I wish I could say I edit in a sweet studio space or from the back of my 4 Wheel Camper, but honestly, I’m usually on my couch with my laptop editing after a trip.

What are you listening to right now (fav. music,etc)?

Now this is my kind of question.

I’m a HUGE audiophile. I think my lack of ability to play musical instruments gives me a bigger appreciation for those who can. Right now I’m listening to quite a few different things, but my favorite genre is indie/alt rock stuff. Broods, Courtney Barnett, Band of Horses, Wolf Alice, Disclosure etc. Lately I’ve been listening to a ton of Female bands like Haim and MUNA. But I listen to just about everything. I’m also a huge Kanye fan and that’s something I’ll take all the judgement for.

Western Rise

Best vacation memory that went awry

Well, my wife and I spent some time in San Francisco for our honeymoon and before heading out on a road trip through Big Sur. The day before we hit the road through some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, our rental car got broken into on the street outside Sightglass Coffee and my 5dMkiii was stolen. That was probably the biggest bummer I’ve ever had on a trip and it wasn’t the only bad thing that happened to us on our honeymoon.

Pizza or burger?

What about a burger with Pizza slices in lieu of a bun? Jk. Pizza all the way. but close second with a tasty burger.

IPA or something lighter?

I’m probably going to get judged pretty hard for this one, but I can’t stand IPA’s…I just feel like I’m munching on a pine tree when I drink them. I’m a big fan of wheat beers and lighter lagers. Those are my jam.

Western Rise

How do you stay connected to the outdoors?

Fly fishing has been a great way for me to do that. I love how it forces you to get all up in nature’s business and wade in the midst of a moving river. It makes you pay attention to the ecosystem in a very tangible way. I’ve never felt more connected to the outdoors than when I’m knee deep in cold, clear, trout filled water.

Where is your favorite trail head?

My favorite trailhead has to be Wire Pass, the entrance to Buckskin Gulch in the Paria Canyon / Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. That’s the hike that got me into outdoor photography. The slot canyons just beg to be photographed. We weren’t well prepared for a wet hike in December so we turned back after only a couple miles but I’ve wanted to go back ever since and do it proper.

Favorite Western Rise garb:

Those granite camp shorts are just so good. I can wear them for 5 days straight and not think twice about it.

- Andrew