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Western Rise

The crisp air has made its way to the mountains and we’re coveting a few fall essentials.

1. Chaco Dog Collars - We are already obsessed with the ultra durable chaco webbing, so why not let your favorite trail partner in on the fun? 

2. Succulents - These guys are infamous for arid weather, but we see them all over the trails up here in Telluride! And the cherry on top? When you’re gone on that two week adventure, no need to ask the neighbor to water your plants!

3. The Tenkara Fly Rod - It’s more than a great teaching tool for new anglers, but also practical for wandering off the trail without having to lug around a whole quiver of fishing gear. We love that it’s pre-loaded with a rod, line and flies. It’s that simple.

4. Brixton Women’s Field Hat - It’s the essence of the mountain life; we wear it while hiking, but don’t dare to take it off for post-hike beers at The Buck.

5. Ursa Major Face Wipes - When you’re out camping for a week straight without a real shower, it’s handy to have these guys around. We like to think these can suffice instead of a shower when you’re out in the backcountry.

6. Underwood Wine (in a Can!!) - Union Wine Co. has figured out a way to approach wine without having their pinkys up. In other words, these hip canned wines are an alternative approach to the classic bagged wine for camping or even for enjoying in your backyard.